Morakat brought tremendous tragedy to many Taiwanese

As we are all aware Morakot brought tremendous tragedy to many Taiwanese. REally indescribable heartbreak to many. I have been watching mini news clips of this tragedy on youtube. And no doubt you all have been watching similar wretching scenes on Tv.

Lets hope that Taiwan can successfully evacuate people in at risk areas like China is capable of doing. They move millions of people out of harms way upon the knowledge a storm is coming. Taiwan needs to do the same.

In this vid clip. There were some villagers who managed to escape the mudflow in “shiao lin” village as they were on the edge of it and one mentioned that looking back there was a wall of mud several stories high covering the village. Some villagers were indeed distraught upon hearing the news of the certain death of loved ones.

Another group of some 50 people from another village were later rescued and they gave much credit to their two dogs who led the way out onto safer high ground. Animals have instincts we no longer seem to have. … re=related … re=related … re=related … re=channel

Many families lost many members of their family in this tragedy. Many children too lost their lives. Some almost their entire families.

This mother showed pictures of her daughter who died and brought home the very personal tragedies that many suffered. … re=related

I dont suppose anyone thought MOrakat being only a medium sized typhoon could bring such destruction while other super typhoons have passed by killing only a handful.

Life is precious and we should always thank the good Lord for our many blessings.