Morality, Pedophilia and International law

“Help fuel the child sex trafficking trade”. Yeah nah I don’t think it will. I’m not defending the movie but it’s just a bunch of 13 year olds dancing sexy. Hell you can go to any Bat Mitvah and see the same.

Many of the objections from the Christian Right are powered by the fact that it was made by a Muslim African woman who objected to pedophilia. If it was a 9-year-old in a revealing stars-and-stripes costume in a beauty pageant it would be “cute”. A woman in Rod Dreher’s column thanked God her teenage daughter wasn’t involved in that- she was in a high-school cheerleading squad.
In the movie "Little Miss Sunshine " everybody was horrified by the sexually explicit moves of the (not particularly pretty) young dancer- after being shown primping their own prepubescent daughters as sexual objects for a child beauty contest.

That said, it’s hard to film something that can’t be twisted into the opposite of what you are saying. Take the helicopter attack scene in “Apocalypse Now”. No matter your opinion of Vietnam, the director explicitly said it was an antiwar scene- a peaceful village attacked by the full fury of modern warfare. Yet the later film “Jarhead” shows U.S. Marines cheering that same scene.
Same with “Starship Troopers”- the director gave it an anti-military message, but it is one of the most popular movies among military personnel all over the world.


This is a huge assumption to make, and I sincerely doubt its truth:

  1. Most of the outrage was based on the poster alone. I doubt strong objectors would either watch the film or research its producers/directors.
  2. Why would Christians (right or left) or conservatives (Christian or not) complain about an anti-paedophilia film? If your assumption is that objections were due to the creator being an “African, Muslim woman,” are you then labeling conservative Christians as racist, sexist bigots? That in itself is offensive and riddled with negative, unfounded stereotypes.
  3. I know of no conservatives or Christians, personally, that find the type of child beauty pageant you describe as anything but tasteless and exploitative.

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Surely, not a single Trump supporter has any idea what Mike could possibly be talking about. :cactus: :cactus: :cactus: :cactus: :cactus:

As to how much overlap there is between Christian conservatives and Trump supporters in 2020, that’s another question.