Mordeth come back!

i went to youtube to check out mordeths latest vid? and guess what? ? found hes been erased from youtube cuz of some stupid company that didnt keep its promise to him and even got him suspended or something? Corporate injustice again.

Maybe mordeth can restart his web going ons at METACAFE or something?

WTF? Thats crazy…

I liked his vids…

Was it to do with the helmet mounted camera deal that he got?

[quote=“pubba”]WTF? Thats crazy…

I liked his vids…

Was it to do with the helmet mounted camera deal that he got?[/quote]

ya the company complained to youtube bout mordeth and a company has lawyers and mordeth does not !!

He’s got some stuff up on live video dot com. Send him a message.

[quote=“sandman”]He’s got some stuff up on live video dot com. Send him a message.[/quote]You mean ?

Wow that sucks… Mordeth - fight the power!

keep yer helmet on MD!

So much for free speech… :S

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

Digg - Petition to bring Mordeth13 of YouTube back, please digg!

Maybe just as well. Here’s a youtube bike speeder getting busted after posting his vid.,2-2007070760,00.html

Hey guys…just found this thread.

Yeah, the helmet cam company lied to me…I made a video complaining about it…and they got tons of hate mail…and hate phone calls…so they threatened to sue YouTube…and YouTube without contacting me…erased my whole account.

The good news is that I was thinking of erasing my videos myself…there were too many. The bad news is that I lost all my “stats” and subscribers…and some of them are having trouble finding me again.

But I’m alive and well on LiveVideo…I’m currently the 3rd most subscribed person on there…and I’m closing in on 2nd place…which is kinda fun for me. And my older vids are still going on YouTube as there are many more people on there…under the name 13mordeth.

Thanks for thinking of me.

You Rock Mordeth!

Always use your power for good…:big grin:

13mordeth? Ha ha! Anyway, you don’t need no stinking helmet cam – you’re doing just fine with what you have. People aren’t watching your videos for the production quality in any case. Content is where you’re at, and you have that in spades, no matter what the technical specs of your rig are.

Mord, a quick comment about your “banned part 5” video…

it sounds like the group(s) you go riding with are not that well organised… in the group I ride with (who I haven’t gone riding with for ages), we have the fastest riders at the front, with the very front being the leader (who knows where we’re going)… they will designate (a faster) somebody to wait at a turning point or junction… that way the slower ones will know where to turn… with the last person signalling that they are the last, so the ‘waiter’ knows they can go now~

everybody can ride at their own pace, and there are also designated rest times/spots where the slower riders also get to catch up…