Mordeth is da man!

Funny shit

[quote=“Lo Bo To”]Funny shit[/quote]

Yep. Mordeth certainly gives me a laugh from time to time. Friends I’ve shown that video to just love it. I’ve been watching his vids from almost day one.

Way to go Mordeth!

P.S Miltownkid has a few that are a riot too. and Youtube.

after laughing my butt off, i had my 9 year old daughter watch this. for some reason our computer kept freezing every 3 seconds- but it still held her attention. it inspired her to start doing freeze frame dancing. any ideas to stop the freezing? my computer at work didn’t have this problem (where i saw it the first time).

mordeth reminds me of someone who thought he had only 6 months to live, then finds out it was a misdiagnosis. such joi de vivre (sp?)

way to go.

Great stuff, Mordeth!