Mordeth's Taiwan Job Hunt Video

Title sums it up well…here it is: … ovie-.aspx

Good job Mordeth. :bravo:

Glad to see you’re still around beautiful…you still in Taiwan?

I was expecting a video of you chasing a job on your bike. :frowning:
If you do a follow up in an interview or doing a demo, you have to keep the helmet on.

Yeah, I expected a job interview filmed with a hidden camera or something. If you’d go with your helmet on, I’d love to see the reaction by the interviewer. That could be hilarious.

Great laugh for Sunday night, nice job Mordeth.

The acting was horrible, but it still was humorous.

It’s comedy…it’s not supposed to look real. And thanks.

Actually, it wasn’t. For a 30 sec spoof, it was pretty well but together. The voice over was really good.

[quote=“Frost”]The acting was horrible,[/quote]Better than the acting in yours :raspberry: . Roachacide and exploding coke bottles in the park, where’s the plot ? Where’s the character development ? Apart from the roach of course.


Overall I enjoyed it! It could of been fixed in editing. Mordeth acting was good, the others…

Have I acted in any of my videos? Oh yeah the tree one, the rest was being natural and silly. The cockroach later left my comedy team and is performing on Broadway.

Very silly, haha!