More about Schools

My son started first grade in a private chinese school where he attended about 16 months of kindergarten. Day four he’d already witnessed a classmate behing hit by the teacher with a bamboo stick for writing something incorrectly.

Yesterday, a bigger kid punched him on the back and made him fall to the ground. :cry: The teacher told him to punch the kid back to show him how much it hurts. :shock: This goes against what I tell him about not hitting his 2yo litle sister even if she hits him first.

Any similar experiences here and how did you handle it? I’m still sorting out our options.

I’m certain that I would make my displeasure known to the teacher. However, this must be done in a delicate manner.

Its one thing to teach your child to defend him/herself. That I agree with.

However, schools and teachers should not abdicate their responsibility for stemming any bullying on the playground.

Talk to the teacher, that’s the key. Make sure that the teacher knows how you want your kid to be raised.

My no 1 girl started in a Taiwanese elementary school tuesday as well, and while there’s more discipline, I did not see any evidence of violence taking place. Seems to vary a lot.