More Bin Laden Stupidity

I just picked up the April edition of TAIWAN LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE. They have a 2 page story (page 24) on their artist-of-the-month, Mr. Cheng Zhe-yuan. For some reason the editiors thought it would be amusing to title the story “We found Bin Laden!” in English, Japanese and Chinese. Mr. Cheng has a beard.
I can only imagine someone thinks this kind of title is “lively”, “amusing”, “cute”…Anyway, if I were Mr. Cheng, I would NOT be amused to find myself being compared to a murdering terrorist.

One further note, the magazine’s partner is ICRT.

If I were you, I’d just relax. Everybody’s going to have an opinion on this US/Bin Laden thing, and some people are going to make fun of it. That’s just a given. So, on to better things…