More free puppies!

About a month ago, a street dog near my wife’s work gave birth to a big pile of puppies. We knew they were around somewhere, but didn’t know where. After a while, their mother seemingly lost interest in them and went back to just hanging around people.

Three days ago, my wife tracked them down by their squeaking, in the middle of a huge patch of tall snake-infested grass, and took them to safety.

Today, their mother died. It seems like she was poisoned – the end wasn’t pretty.

These are some of the pups (there are eight altogether):

They’re living in a couple of big cages at my wife’s work for now, but obviously that isn’t a long term plan.

If you’re interested, send me a PM here, email me at, or call me at 0988 968303. We can deliver anywhere.

P.S. The bigger grey one is an unrelated stray whom they took in too, since she was getting beat up pretty bad by the other local strays. Also available!

Good on you, Brendon! :bravo:

Have you made a note about them on Facebook yet? We’re finding sharing notes or albums on Facebook to be an extremely effective way of getting animals adopted. If you’re got one, I’l share it on the SPCA wall.

Looking forward to hearing that they’ve all been successfully adopted. :thumbsup:

Thanks, Mr. Dog. Here’s the note my wife wrote up: … 7664444059

Done! And now being viewed and shared by the SPCA’s 4,000 Facebook followers.

Excellent! Thanks again.

Puppy Update: Four down, four to go. Get 'em while they’re hot.

PS. Lumpy grey dog is long gone. We had like fifteen calls on the first day, and we’re still getting them now. Seriously, people, what? Take a puppy instead. :cactus: