More Human Trafficking in Taiwan

It’s amazing what they think of in their criminal endeavors.

I’m guessing a lot more than “Eighty-two Taiwanese have been taken to Cambodia this way”. Maybe known by this particular sting, but a lot more going one.

Seems bigger than initially assumed.

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Taiwanese going to Cambodia on promises of jobs paying NT$70,000 (US$2,350) to NT$200,000 a month

how can there be such innocent people who believe that in Cambodia they will make NT$70,000 (US$2,350) to NT$200,000 a month

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How long till my family texts me about this and how I will be trafficked.

On a serious note it sucks that people come here for a better life then get tricked into trafficking. :pensive:

The gov should really encourage employers paying higher wages here for work performed in white collar sectors. Taiwan’s brain drain is such a huge problem.

Wage stagnation causes terrible scams like these to even get off the ground…