More kowtowing by companies who daren't call Taiwan a country

When it comes down to it, the dollar is mightier than the sword.


The cycling app that a lot of of us use, Strava, has us list our country as Taiwan, Providence of China. Now it’s allowing us to show, “Taiwan”.

I’m waiting for backlash from the mainland about it veerrry soon.

Taiwan, Heaven of China? That can’t be right… Or can it?


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Dont really blame any of these companies

You know what to do? Don’t buy from those companies!

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I am surprised there isn’t more backlash worldwide to China’s treatment of Taiwan.

Taiwan is now a very democratic country with no global issues. Taiwan is well to do and does no harm. Not a lot of countries in the world are in this category.

Are you for-real surprised or fake surprised?


Marriott has a bazillion hotels in China. No way they wernt backing down on this. Same as Zara. T

was this within china though? thats the impression i got. outside of china then its a different deal obviously.

Just make the drop-down menu say “Country/Territory.” Easy peasy! :smiley:



On a related note, I anxiously await outraged citizens of France to loudly demand that all references to Quebec be changed to “Quebec, Colony of France.”


We can continue with that:

Flanders, Federal State of Belgium
Wallonia, Federal State of Belgium
Brussels, Federal State of Belgium
Belgium, European Union
France, European Union
Germany, …

If this happens, I sometimes click on “Antarctica” or “Outlying US islands” (which would be true if Hartzell is right).

Other revisions:

Australia, island of Southeast Asia
New Zealand, island (or two) of Australia
Canadian Autonomous Region, USA
Holland, province of the Netherlands

Being new to Taiwan and not cynical about Taiwan, I am truly surprised. The fate of the spotted flea get more attention than Taiwan.

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Taiwanese girl was apparently fired by her Chinese boss in Australia over this issue.

respect to her. i hope the shitty reviews have some effect on this restaurant too. mainlanders seem to think they can do whatever they like without experiencing negative effects.


We only have one supplier from China and it’s for the heaters on our machines. Last year after the Taipei trade show I joined some coworkers who invited this supplier to dinner. Apparently after I was good and inebriated, I was arguing with him about how Taiwan is definitely a country. I was drunk enough that I didn’t really remember it, but my coworkers told me about it the next day, and they were quite proud of me. Even in my drunken stupor I was still supporting TAIWAN #1!! :joy:

The test for me for determining when I am in a different country is as follows: There’s a border with immigration to cross through, a different currency, and a different government. I know HK is supposedly part of China but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Otherwise, I could use my Octopus card all over Shenzhen!
I can’t see Taiwanese giving up free press and democracy plus all the protesting!

Questions about unification:

If from HK model we know that the Chinese will not respect any deal to mantain the current system in place for , say 50 years, then what is the incentive for Taiwanese to join?

If last time when teh Japanese came, there was ablood and mayhem, and the KMT came and there was blood and mayhem, how can they expect then that the CCP will come and not be blood and mayhem?

If many residents of Taiwan hope that uniting will bring a lot of investors from China who will pay gazillion zillion for their properties because they say so, but the current system in China allows limited ownership -50 years is it?- and limits mobility, then, why would any Mainlander pay a gazillion zillion if they can pay a reasonable amount and live somewhere else, with maybe clearer air and freer freedoms, like Australia, Europe, US, Canada, Central and South America, Africa…, etc.? I mean, in an open market choice, why move from what we call in Spanish from Guatemala to Guatepeor? The people that will move here to “thin” the rebellious Taiwanese ranks will not do so voluntarily and will not be teh ones paying a gzillion zillion.