More Likely to Last

I heard a statistic the other day that people who marry their high school sweetheart are less likely to be divorced later on in life. I dont know if that is true or not. But if it IS true my reasoning for this is because the fact that most likely the person they married was their FIRST and ONLY true love.


I’m waiting for my senior high school sweetheart to divorce. Married some jackass (though probably a nice one) in 99, I think. I give them another four years then I’m moving in for the kill.

That’s when the restraining order expires, right?

That’s when the restraining order expires, right?[/quote]
That too. And ten years is enough time for him to come to his fakkin senses. One in two marriages end in divorce anyway these days.

That also means that one in two marriages DON’T end in divorce. So one can indeed have some control ove the situation by deciding to be in a relationship that doesn’t end in divorce (hedging bets by marrying an appropriate person in the first place and keeping the passion and committment alive also helps) . . . or, flip a coin in the beginning and if it comes up tails call it quits (naturally, anyone deciding the fate of their relationship on a coinflip should not be getting married anyway). Just rambling.

  • Brian

The man/ woman you are likely to have something in common with,and mutual respect and all that other stuff is more likely to last. I’m still waiting for Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt to realize that with me… :wink:

I think that for someone to be able to marry thier first love, they have to already have natural relationship problem solving skills, good communication skills, and all the other skills required to have a good relationship. All the skills required to have a lasting marriage…