More low brow DPP antics

:laughing: what is it with the green nutjobs and throwing things instead of political discussion?..
this time they’ve stepped it up from lunchboxes to faeces… seems the peasant mentality still rules supreme down south…

Surely this constitutes assault. If not, then what does?

Did he happen to say, “forget you” while flinging his poop?

This may be one of the few times where it is literally true that the shit hit the fan.

A politician actually crapped in a cup and threw it at someone?
I wonder how long it will be before the international news picks this one up?
And I wonder if there’s any video?

Only if he missed her. If he hit her with the shit it’s battery. There’s a common public lack of understanding regarding the terms assault and battery.

Basically in the US (and most other countries I believe), assault means intentionally creating a threat of imminent offensive or harmful bodily contact and the contact needn’t be with the assaulter, it may be with an object held by the assaulter. So it would be assault to threaten to punch someone, or threaten to grab their ass, or threaten to throw a cup of water (or shit) at the other person. The mere threat is assault, so long as it creates a reasonable apprehension in the victim that the actual contact will be imminent (I’ll kick your ass next year is not assault as it’s not imminent; nor is I’ll get Bruce Lee to kick your ass tomorrow, as it’s not a reasonable threat).

Battery, on hte other hand, is intentionally causing harmful or offensive bodily contact with another. It could be punching someone in the face, grabbing his/her ass, poking a finger in his/her chest, or throwing a cup of water (or shit) on the person, so long as there is actual contact and the person reasonably finds it offensive.

Of course, if the offense is trivial (not suggesting that’s the case here) and you’re talking criminal offenses, the prosecutor won’t waste his time pressing charges. And with civil offenses, if it’s trivial the complainant should consider whether it’s worth wasting time pressing charges, especially because the monetary damages that will be awarded if the offense was trivial will most likely be correspondingly trivial.

Taiwan News:

Of all things, the DPP chose to play with faeces.

That makes the every once in a while brawl in parliament a children’s playground.

Why are Taiwanese politicians so passionate about politics, I don’t know.

And people still wonder why the DPP and their supporters are stereotyped as uneducated hicks with no social etiquette what-so-ever. If this is the kind of people they choose to represent them, what are the rest of us suppose to think?

It’s like that visual gag that comedian sometime use where the visual appearance of the character doesn’t match their speech pattern. A yuppie that speaks ebonics. An overweight balding man that sounds like a girl.

In this case if it looks like shit, smells like shit, and sounds like shit, it really must be shit.

Reminds me of the monkeys at the zoo. They also throw shit, but at least not at one another. :smiley:

Politicians of all colours in this country are the pits. DPP, KMT: almost all cut from the same self-aggrandising cloth. There are some good people in there, I am sure, but their presence is totally overshadowed by this kind of crap.

And who knows: was it his own crap? or did he collect some from a dog?

What about some house rules of procedure, like most sensible parliamentary democracies work under? banning people from the house for a day ot a few days is important as they may miss a vote… then party discipline, enforced by the party Whip (that’s their position, after all) should keep these mavericks in line, or they should be tossed out and not put up for re-election.

The guy was suspended by the DPP, so he cannot do much, and for sure he won’t be in the favourite list for the legislative vote, as now he as a huge stone to throw at him.

On the other hand, last week we had a KMT legislator throwing his lunch box after a DPP said he couldn’t vote on the new Farmer and Fisherman’s Associations law, as he is the a Chairman of one of these Associations, and was clearly voting on a law that would benefit him - I believe in my country he couldn’t even vote, but, hey, this is Taiwan…

just for fun. how many formal ways of saying poop can you think of: feces, stool, droppings… ‘he threw his droppings’ there must be some more terms… how bout ‘he dropped his droppings in a cup and dropped it on her head’

Was the KMT legislator from last week’s incident suspended from KMT? -What was the KMT’s reaction to that behaviour?

As far as we know, none…

I’m sure the China Daily headline will be “Taiwan independence forces play with fire and shit”

Of course, there is no shit at all in the KMT.

Well at least they don’t bring it out for public display.

but it is funny that the poop story was on the first page, and the lunch box story was just as a add on… really makes people see how different it is from one to the other…

Why am I not surprised??? :fume:

Let’s do a simple intelligence test; I have a feeling some here are in sore need of classification and special assistance.

Which of the following do not belong:

  • throwing a chair in the middle of debate,
  • throwing a lunch box in the middle of debate,
  • throwing a punch in the middle of debate,
  • throwing a shoe in the middle of debate,
  • pulling hair in the middle of debate,
  • fermenting feces for 5 days before throwing it on another person, during a calm session with no substantive debate.

Which one sounds more reasonable:

  1. Throwing feces - get suspended from your party
  2. Throwing lunch box - no reaction whatsoever (as far as we know) from your party

…and I am pretty sure #1 reaction is a bit more into CCP style - just that suspension is only the initial action.