More medals, what say you?

I reckon we need more medals, more of them and more variety. So far less than ten Forumosans have medals. Perhaps the chief medal awarder does not want to cheapen their value by handing them out like M&Ms but on the other hand if hardly anyone has one…
Thing is there is only two medals to choose from; grumpy and dude. How about some other kinds of medal?

What additional medals could we have?
I think we could have a Mr or Ms. range to suit the personalities of regulars on the boards. For example, Fred Smith defintely needs a Mr. Politics medal. Even if you don’t agree with his views you can’t deny he lives for the stuff. Others could include Mr. Flame King (who fits that bill?), Mr. Webhead for the posters who display an impressive knowledge of Internet/PC.

This would also have the advantage of alerting others to someone’s ‘specialty’ if you wanted to PM someone on a particular subject when you need help or advice. Of course, before medals are conferred the chief medal awarder would need to ask if it was all right to give the medal. Some people might not want to be so visible.

This could tie in nicely with the titles thing. Mr. could be upgraded to Dr. Sir, Right Honorable, Lord etc. depending on number of posts or whether or not Chief Medal Awarder feels an upgrade is deserved/needed.

Just a thought. What do you think?

Sounds interesting. I wish the medals were visible like the chops.

They are, aren’t they? Wolf’s grumpy medal and Bassman’s dude medal (chop?) are visible.

Perhaps the whole chop medal thing needs revising. Keep them but change the way they are presented.

I still don’t know what a “Dude” medal could possibly mean. Isn’t everyone a “dude”?
As for more medals, it does in fact devalue them if they are given out willy-nilly. Think of the military. Getting the Purple Heart for being injured in Vietnam in combat is one thing; getting one for stubbing your toe in Kuwait is quite another.

I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a “dingbat” medal NOR being its first recipient :laughing:.

Having so few medals awarded and with only two kinds of medal is dull dull dull. :frowning:

Adding just a few more kinds of medal and handing them out just a little more frequently would help to make this place more fun, more interesting.

Go on, add some pizzazz. You know you want to.

I think a techie award would be cool (as would a Trekkie one, but what do I know). A sage one has been given out, but what about one that rewards humo(u)r for our wittiest forumosans?

I’ve always been a fan of the village idiot chop. Wait…did Vincent and Formosa ever co-exist?

A quick search shows that not only did they post at the same time (there goes that theory), but that they also joined only 5 days apart… and one of formosa’s first posts is a response to Vincent…

Vincent (Acintyabedhabedhananda) :saywhat: formosa


Villiage Idiot chop! I want one :smiley::D:D

How about little cat, dog, bird, etc, owner medals? Hao ke ai!
Or wine, beer, spirits medals for the heavy drinkers here.
Or years in Taiwan medals, although some people would probably be too ashamed to buy them…

I don’t think everyone is a dude, except those cool ones, yet, I don’t mind getting a dudette medal?! Haha…

I love the ideas of more medals so posters can purchase them. I will be the 1st to get a stupid poster medal… :wink:

For a very brief time, it was possible to “rate” other people’s posts. How about reinstating that and charging one G$ per point? (I never did figure out how to rate a post -5 or +2 or anything other than -1/0/+1 – might have been disabled, or might have been my browser’s limitations).

In the space of about an hour, I became a “village idiot” twice and a betelnut baby at least once. Of course, I reciprocated in spades. :mrgreen:

I quite liked this idea, if only because then you’d be able to weigh opinion, advice etc. on how long the poster had actually been here…