More mudslinging on campaign trail

Certainly, it is disappointing when members of the pan-green camp allow themselves to be dragged down to almost the same depths as their opponents. I wonder if it would be possible for them to avoid this yet still fare well in Taiwan’s prevailing election culture?

Sometimes its dissapointing to see the people of Taiwan get caught up in this mess. This whole politics based on face is so childish. “Oppose because we are opposition, even at the cost of the voters, even at the waning trust in government, even at the cost of Taiwan’s international image.”

Where is the morals in many upstart democracies? Sure Taiwan is better off in almost all respects versus many other new democracies, but the fact that we can be better makes me still extremely unsatisfied.


You guys crack me up. They’re all cut from the same cloth! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Taiwan is better than all other new democracies is quite an arrogant statement. I am sure several Asian and Eastern European nations would be deeply offended and may have greater degrees of democracy than TW. :bravo:

Here’s what Australia’s “The Age” seems to think was the dirtiest ‘mud’ being slung…

[quote]Although it was a Chinese-controlled TV network that first published details of perhaps the most egregious smear in these local elections

It use to be KMT were all powerful and rich enough to do anything in the mythos of Taiwan. I see that this status has transfered to the Mainland and the CCP.

So now the Mainland is all powerful and rich enough to do anything. My how quickly times have changed.

Finally, they’re suspending the medical license for DPP legislator Lin Jinxin for one year. He’s the one that announced the private medical records of Jason Hu, and discussing the implications of these records with the press.

I don’t think anyone who’s a medical professional could possibly support what he did.

EDIT: Looks like the Age needs to publish a retraction. A DPP supporter finally came public and announced that he’s the man caught on camera, giving out money to supporters joining in the protest. He gave out 300NT each to the supporters on the 20 buses that he organized… a total of 200k NT+.

He also says that he had told Luo about the money the first chance that he had… makes you wonder about the tears that Luo shed pleading for “someone to come forward and clear his name” a week later.

You never cease to amaze me, your grasp of the English language is terrible. Plus its fun watching you follow up on all my posts even if they’re not in this Taiwan Politics… don’t you have anything better to do?

I said Taiwan is better off in almost all respects versus many other new democracies, which is very different from your crass statement.

We simply have a better economy and infrastructure than most other upstart democracies. Do the research yourself. Most countries would kill for our economic growth last year. This is fact not opinion. No one is going to be offended at this reality.