More "Proof" of Global Warming - Part II

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Let’s examine the facts.

  1. Global warming is occurring. The results are not all bad.

  2. There are questions as to what is causing global warming. The possibility that man is responsible is hotly debated.

  3. There is doubt that any action can avert this.

  4. The Kyoto Treaty envisions great economic dislocation and costs for what? Staving off global warming by six years in the next 100 and that is the optimum result.

  5. Exaggerations have been made among environmentalists which is why scientists admit that overstating the case has resulted in skepticism.

  6. Antarctic peninsula is warmer, mainland is colder.

  7. Greenland is warmer, ice melting off, but warmer temperatures resulting in greater precipitation so ice cap actually getting thicker.

  8. Ice sheet over north pole melting but since ice suspended in water, no change to sea levels.

Aye, aye, captain. Damn the global warming and full speed ahead.

Fred you basically just keep rehashing the same tired bullshit regardless of whether it was successfully countered in earlier posts and you then go on to ascribe attributes to people that they don’t possess. I may be single minded in my belief that high gasoline taxes are a good thing because they limit to some extent the number of cars on the road and encourage more sustainable living arrangements. They also keep a certain amount of money out of the hands of governments that support terrorism and out of the pockets of companies like Shell who spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year convincing of us that they are looking after the environment but who are mostly selling a lot of oil. And I may also believe that the money from gas tax should pay for improvements in the transit system creating a carrot and stick approach; but at no point did I say that global warming was absolutely 100% the result of man’s actions. I’ll say it sure as hell looks that way to lot of informed people though. Neither did I say that the Kyoto agreement was a perfect document. In fact I feel that it let developing countries off the hook and that is perhaps a serious mistake.

“Keep linking?” I listed one site. And yes I realize that corporate profits themselves are not contributing to global warming. It is the sale and subsequent use of oil upon which those profits depend that is contributing to global warming. What is the use of that distinction exactly?

I don’t feel that you have made any points at all. Earlier in this thread though there was an interesting link to some good “science” on global warming. You should read it. … limate.htm

If you have travelled a lot you are aware how much of people’s living space is occupied by cars, you know how much of the earth has been paved under and the problems this creates with soil errosion and flooding. You know how much time people spend sitting in traffic jams. If all of that is OK with you then I guess there is nothing more for us to talk about. Yes improved fuel effeciency is a godsend. We have high oil prices and presure from environmentalists to thank for that.

Paranoia? You have got to be kidding. I see huge problems: urban sprawl, global warming, loss of habitat, flooding, soil errosion, air pollution, terrorism… And I see one solution that would to some extent help to solve all of these things - increased gas taxes. If gasoline is kept expensive people will look for alternative living arrangements that don’t leave such a scar on the earth. Less money would go to Saudia Arabia and to companies that could give a shit about anything but profits. Improved mass transit frees up land for green space, cuts down on air pollution, reduces the amount of land devoted to roads, and leaves the consumer with MORE money to spend on other things besides his car.
There is not an ounce of paranoia in any of this.

Does the Republican party offers vacation trips to the rainforest, wehere people can chop down the Mahaghoni trees and make nice camp fires from the wood?


fred smith wrote:

Coral bleaching, melting permafrost, retreating glaciers (inevitably leading to a upsets in river cycles and subsequently to floods and droughts) larger and more frequent El Nino phenomenon, larger and more frequent hurricanes, various and sundry upsets in weather patterns that will have a negative impact on most of the life forms existing today.

[quote]Are the corals dying?

Around the world, corals are bleaching (dying), according to a US government report. This is caused by a combination of an increase in sea surface temperatures of '0.5

[quote=“fred smith”]Damn this inconsistent ignore function.

Let’s examine the facts.

  1. Global warming is occurring. The results are not all bad. [/quote]

Damn right. More fun storms, typhoon-tastic summers, and a/c units are getting cheaper.

The earth is much bigger than us. What could we possibly be doing to affect it that much?

We’re all going to die. It’s just a matter of time. But if you’ve got so much free time on your hands that you’re worried about the bloody ozone layer which hippies have been signing about since 1969 then I admire you. (Er, not “you” Fred, obviously)

Treaty Schmeaty. People have been signing treaties since they learnt to write. Name a treaty the signatories actually abided by and I’ll give you a lolipop for each one. Hey. I’ve got an idea! Let’s sign a treaty saying we’ll all be nice to each other! We’ll call it the Treaty to End all Treaties!


Not going to sell many newspapers of get many Greenpeace donations that is it?

Mainland can be very warm if you’re snuggled up in bed with a nice Wenzhou girl, for example.

Hard to get excited about Greenland, really. Obviously it used to be green rather than white and covered in scrotum-tighteningly cold ice as it is now, so a return to its true nature is bound to be a good thing, ne c’est-ce pas? I mean it’s not fucking called Whiteland is it? Something wrong there.

Ice in the sea is just a pain in the arse anyway. Look at the Titanic. And it makes the water all cold. Ice has a greater volume than the same mass of water. Melting ice will result in sea levels falling. The Gin and Tonic effect.

I been holding off on posting this…I think its funny.

So Chicken Little and Fred Smith are singing the same tune about global climate change? Big surprise! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure which saying applies best here: ‘once a fool, always a fool’ or ‘birds of a feather flock together.’

(it’s okay. Fred can’t hear me. He’s got me on ‘ignore’.)

Don’t worry, I will listen to you. :wink:

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Ok…no cartoons to be co-opted for smart-ass remarks.

[quote]Forget Kyoto. By the time Christ appeared on Earth, the planet was already belching enough gas to cause global warming.

And we have our ancestors to blame. Or thank.

William Ruddiman, a professor of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, is behind a controversial theory suggesting that humans had a hand in warming the planet nearly 8,000 years ago, and in doing so, might have prevented another ice age.

In his new book titled Plows, Plagues, Petroleum: How Humans took Control of the Climate, Ruddiman delves further into the theory that first made waves in the winter of 2003.

Yes that was an interesting article. I found this part at the end particularly germane…

[quote]Yet today, the face of global warming is decidedly ugly: floods, melting glaciers, droughts, disease. How then to reconcile the devastating effects of global warming with this new image of greenhouse gases as a warm cuddly blanket, shielding Earth from the next ice age?

I need a new nemesis. This one is teaching me nothing.

Gold. Pure gold.

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I would be honoured. In fact if we were ever on the opposite side of anything and I wasn’t so terrified of losing I’d pick you as my next nemesis. :notworthy:

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Surely we can find something to argue about. How about soccer/ football? Personally, I think that those players, while in great shape, are a bunch of whining prima ballarinas and wannabe actresses. They ought to be real men, like hockey players, who take a stick in the eye and just smile when they score on the powerplay. How’s that for a start??? No? poo. :wink:

There’s a reason to be concerned about global warming… keeping the ice frozen will cost more. :astonished:

There’s a reason to be concerned about global warming… keeping the ice frozen will cost more. :astonished:[/quote]

Indeed, how will I enjoy a gin tonic in the summer months?

As for scotch, I drink it neat anyway.

Speaking of leagues, I know when I am out of mine. I wonder, is Comrade Stalin available for nemesis duty?

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