More Slogans Please

This time Taiwan Advocates needs more English slogans for thier protest against Lien Chan’s trip to China next week. They will use our slogans (like they did at 3-26) at the demonstration they will hold against his trip at the airport. They say the demonstration will be orderly–no egg throwing or pushing.

So any ideas? They are especially interested in telling Lien to stay in China since he seems to like it so much. Please discuss the visit elsewhere in the appropriate thread. This thread is for slogan suggestions only.

“Only Lien Could Go to China”

“…and don’t come back!” :wink:

“Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

Well, if you screw up your eyes and squint real hard, Lien looks a little bit like Jack Nicholson.


“Selling Taiwan’s soul for a bucket full of gold.”


“1 million Taishang, 23 million Taiwan people: who’s more important, Lien?”


“Two-time loser makes it three”


“Fuck off you twisted old cocksucking thief”

Bye, bye, Lien.
Please, don’t come back!

“You can keep him”

“He was always yours anyway”


“Sleeping with the Devil”


Next time buy a
ONE-WAY ticket!

A friend of Commie Pigs
is NO friend of ours!

Secret Deals?
We don’t trust you!

U BLue Hu?

Go to China. Go indirectly to China. Do not pass the Presidential palace. Do not collect eleventy billion dollars. Do not come back.


Lien: Please leave your passport at immigrations on the way out. You won’t be needing it again.

Lien: Are those pubic hairs in your teeth?

What was that slogan from the last election, heart in China, money in America, only a mouth in Taiwan?

Nice, but changing “a mouth” to “an arsehole” would improve it.

Lian Zhan: China had him at “Hello”.

Commies are red / Traitors are blue
Taiwan people say SHAME ON YOU!

Keep Marginalizing Taiwan

Journey of Fools used as Tools

KMT shame on thee

Kiss me I


Comrade Lien went to Communist China and all I got was this lousy sign !

Hmm, I’m trying to think of one’s which highlight his keenness to speak with the prez of the PRC while refusing to speak to the prez of the ROC …

“Have you spoken with your president recently?”
“You don’t have to fly all the way to Beijing to speak to a president, you know!”
“Who is your president?” (Trying to avoid the Hu pun this time …)
“You wouldn’t win an election in the PRC either”

Or the historical approach:
“We shall never deal with the devil” - Chiang Kai-shek, 1973
“To talk peace with the Chinese Communists is to invite death. This is an agonizing, blood-stained lesson that we and many other Asian countries have learned” - Chiang Ching-kuo, 1982
“I believe it is peace for our time” - Neville Chamberlain, 1938 (at least he won an election)

Or the coming back angle:
“They sent you back? That makes two countries that don’t want you!”
“This is even worse than the anti-secession law: they sent Lien Chan back!”

-Flush twice it

Lian Zhan = Taiwan’s Gandalf

What do you call 10 Commies at the bottom of the ocean?

A good start.


Tofu-eating surrender monkey

Lien Chan…

You could carve a better man out of a banana

A visit from Lien Chan…

I would rather have an open sewer in my bedroom


being drawn in like moths to a flame

Some classics:

Kill a commie for your mommy.

“Peaceful journey”? No justice, no peace.

Don’t let the doorknob hit you on your way out.

KMT marked “Return to sender”

Buckle up; you could learn a lot from a dummy.

Coffee? Tea? Communism?