More tax questions

OK, so I’ve researched this a lot tonight and I’ve nearly got my head around it.

I’ve worked in the same company for a year and a half now, I originally started February 2011.
My company taxes 18% for first 183 days. Then it drops to 6%.
I’ve worked out that on my income I should be on the 12% rate (or is it 13% now).

I’ve also realised that if you do 18%-6% and put that 6% onto the second half of the year that gives a flat annual rate of 12%
Will I get anything at all from tax returns?

I’m trying to figure out travel plans for next september and I was hoping for a nice tax return that everyone bangs on about, but it looks like I wont get one :frowning:

Started Feb 11? That is 2 years plus no?

Wife explained to me that tax office explained to her:
For each of the first 6 months Taxed at 18% , you can claim a personal income tax return of 10-13 %. ( you should have done that already last year no?)

Not sure neither if I am right ?

How much of a return did you get the previous years? That should give you a pretty good idea what you will get. I’m actually a little confused on how you don’t know about how much you will get back. Have you filed taxes since you have been here? Which year taxes are you trying to figure out?

You can actually get an answer that is very close to your tax return. go to pg 33 … k-2011.pdf It’s 2011 but I doubt anything has changed. Add up all of your income (projected?) and then you should be able to subtract both the personal exemption (82,000) and the standard deduction (76,000). Plug your numbers into the different tax brackets and get your tax liability. Then add up all of the money that was deducted from your paychecks. Compare the two numbers for your refund/liability.

I’ll check out that link thanks. I never filed before, my company said to file in May but told me not to becuase I started with them in February, probably a bit of confusion about me being in Taiwan for 2 months previous