More than one way to skin a Hello Kitty

New game. The only rule: you must find a way to destroy or spoof Hello Kitty, in the form of your NEW AVATAR…

Way #1 feed it to your pet vulture
Way #2… ?

(PS, I do requests)

Hello Kitty!

knife through head

Goodbye Kitty!

#3. Copious amounts of beer, whiskey and ciggies are a sure way to get through Helly Kitty’s 9 lives…

  1. Smother a couple of Hello Kitties with an orgy or 3-way!
  1. Murder. Hwaaa haa haa haa ha!

Blasphemers! You will be punished for your sacrilege. :smiling_imp:

take a look at your cross … :smiling_imp:

Look what Hello kitty has done to my boy.

Darn Hello Kitty

[quote=“Bassman”]Look what Hello kitty has done to my boy.

Darn Hello Kitty[/quote]
That is just disturbing. I’m going to have nightmares.

evil freakin’ cat :fume:

Ahh, what the hell, I need the exercise.

Send her (or is it him?) to Hell!!!

Ooooo… it makes me so angry

let’s drive hellp kitty to commit suicide - let her jump off a tall building…

AARRGH, she ended up on MJB’s old rust pile!!!

Death and destruction, muuuuwaaahahahahahaha :imp:

Hello Kitty for lunch anyone?

You guys are pretty damn good at this avatar stuff.

I still haven’t found one that’s Dirt Merchant-ish. Any chance one of you would be willing to send me a link or make one up for me?



My sister sent me a “Goodbye Kitty” 2005 calendar from the States for Christmas. Check out this site for a laugh, it has a line of “Goodbye Kitty” T-shirts and other stuff:

Drown her (kind of). :smiley:

Toasted is always delicious…