More TI name change shell game

Does this really making any difference

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  • Why are codenames published?

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[quote]Taiwan’s military to drop China codenames

For example, the codenames used by operators of the Defense Ministry’s military telephone switchboards are “Jiangsu” and “Shanghai.”

Pro-independence activists have criticized the practice. [/quote]

Don’t worry super secret Taiwan agent 長江一號 will save the day some how. (if you don’t get this joke you haven’t been on Taiwan long enough.)

I wonder when the Taidu government is going to suggest all ROC citizens should get double eye lid surgery, hair dying treatments, and blue contact lenses, to ensure we don’t confuse ourselves as being Chinese.

Seriously is this going to make any difference. Why not just adopt the western nomenclature and add “New” to the beginning of everything?


This makes such a whopping difference and matters exactly how again? So they’re changing a few codenames, big fucking whoopee. You need a hobby ac.

Forumosa can be a hobby. Can’t it? :blush:

If it is not a big deal than why change them at all. They seem to have been working just fine.

See PRC has been on the other side of Strait for the past half century.

Yes but you see that’s kind of what code names are about. You change them every now and then so the enemy doesn’t know them. Mind you, the ROC have obviously been slack as hell on that if this is the first time they’ve changed them. But it’s also possible that this isn’t the first time, just the first time that dumbasses have decided to make a stink about it.

Face it ac, it is like calling the US Department of Defense and having them transfer you to the Saskatoon office, or the Moosejaw extention.
Unless of course you think that we (the ROC) actually has claim to Mongolia still (and that bit of real estate lost to the Chicoms).