More "Whitewashing" BS


These Asian American clowns make me nuts.

Do you really think they’re going to cast an entire Hollywood movie with Thai actors??

Like that stupid Boat show, the family is supposed to be from Taiwan, but the dad is Korean-American, or Korean-American Harold from Harold & Kumar playing Sulu, who’s Nippoonese.
How is that not racially insensitive?
If you distill it down to its core reasoning, they’re literally going “It’s OK, because he’s got the same black hair and squinky eyes”, which is pretty friggin racist, man.
Most of the Taiwanese people I know don’t consider Koreans or Nipponesers to be any closer to them ethnically than Ed friggin Sheeran.


“I’m gonna go film my own Thai Cave rescue movie, with blackjack and hookers!”


Need to spice it up a bit, sharks in the cave, sharks with fricken lasers.


I want the one where the Musksub WORKS!!!


…and goes right up his arse!


Make them both and we’ll see


I think we got something here. I got a hard-on for the sub/anal dildo sub-plot. Do a treatment and let’s pitch it by tomorrow COB.


Ok… That’s more than most of us want to know about your interests. :smile:


All we need is a cave! Let’s make a blue grotto, romance, love, some nekked scenes.


Reminds me of that shit ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ film adaptation where all the Japanese characters were played by Chinese actresses. Hollywood is like “they’re yellow and have narrow eyes. They’re all the same.” :roll_eyes:


@IbisWtf can play the pedo cave diver.


You want a cave? I can get you a cave. Hell I can get you a cave by 7.30 tonight.


Finally we found a thread for his banned storyboard…


Yeah, that thing grates us raw at my house whenever it comes on.
Not only the heinous casting, as you say, but…
A movie about Asian women
Directed by a white dude
From a book written by a white dude


How often does that movie show up at your house?
Sure no software hijacked your video on demand?


Uhhhh, cable???


Hollywood is racist always has been


Forget this poser. I’ll only watch the Thai version.


In Thai, no subtitles.


Yep, Thai techno soundtrack.