More "Whitewashing" BS


Oh god I just had a flashback to those 19 times I was on a bus in Thailand and Tom-Yum-Goong was playing at full volume. God I hated that movie by the 19th time.


Ong Bak was much better.


Whilst I do agree with you, if you Google “famous taiwanese american actors” then it’s understandable.


The only Thai film I’ve seen is the Thai horror film ‘Shutter’, which was good. But like all Asian horror films from the 2000s was remade into a tremendously shithouse Hollywood film.


Is the boat show Life of Pie?


Well that guy isn’t exactly a household friggin name.
I don’t think Jim’s prank on Dwight counts


Yeah, Grandpa, that’s right.
Go back to sleep now.



Man I miss that film, I should watch it again, though I’ve always found the gang rape scene at the end to be an awkward narrative choice.


Hey I just saw him in Antman! He’s Hollywood!


Is this a troll attempt or is it serious? What do you expect? Where are they gonna find an all Thai or all Taiwanese cast in Los Angeles? It’s not like anyone’s advocating for the black/yellow face practises to return. Memoirs of a Geisha was more problematic as they made a complete idiot of themselves by asking the Chinese actors to speak laughably bad Japanese out of a laughably bad script.

If no one can play anyone of a different ethnicity then every single Holocaust movies should be burned (which a lot of them should be because they suck balls).


I watch that stupid boat show, and frankly speaking, I care about the show being funny and having great acting, not about the actors’ ethnicity.

Are there going to be Michael Bay explosion scenes for this cave movie? looking forward to it.


Jesus, junior, take your rabies medicine.
The point, at least 50% of which you’ve missed, is that people get strung out when Tilda Swinton plays a character that was (roughly) Tibetan in the comics.
But they’d have been perfectly happy if the filmmakers had cast instead some guy who grew up in Orange friggin County whose parents are from KL or Honkers, who has about as much in common with a Tibetan as @the_bear…less, in fact.
BUT, he looks “Asian” so there’s no outcry.
Which is insanely superficial and racist.


That will be THE reason why they get stuck in that place, so you also get the social commentary about the situation being caused by mankind’s own misconduct. (explosions for fracking or something…)


Luckily the time they painted white people black to play the butler is long gone.


How classy.

You are the one missing the point. The controversy over Tilda Swindon playing a Tibetan or Scarlet Johansson playing Ghost in the Shell arose because these characters are some of the very few Asian roles available. Instead of offering these few-and-far-between roles to Asian actors, who don’t usually have a lot of success in the entertainment industry, they handed these over to White established ones. The outcry was against the lack of opportunity for actors of colour, not some arbitrary culture bullshit.

What you are saying is utterly trivial. Who says an actor has to have anything in common with the characters they play? By your logic, no foreigners can be cast as Americans and vice versa.


Ghost in the Shell is a stupid example, Kusinagi was a friggin ROBOT.

How can I be missing the point when I started the friggin thread, Forrest??
I’M NOT SAYING they can always cast the identical ethnicity, although they could often do better, lots of times they don’t even try.
I’m saying that the pearl clutchers who get all unstrung about this, (almost universally ABAs, go figure) promote a pan-Asian acceptance, which is, at its heart, as much BS as making Marlon Brando an Okinawan

(or Mexican, for that matter)



Or casting John Wayne as Ghengis Khan.

”You say you wanna rape and pillage, pilgrim?”


The first one is yellow face. What you’re referencing is not.

So now Americans can’t play Mexicans? What about Brits or Russians? They can’t play them either?

You are just nonsensical.


What’s nonsensical about that? No, I don’t think a Russian should play a freakin’ Mexican.

Wtf… talk about a shit example. :joy: