More "Whitewashing" BS


No. You are just arguing out of spite. If it was someone else writing what I wrote you wouldn’t even reply to it.


Not at all. But I think this has run its natural course anyway.


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What about him?

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Isn’t race a social construct? Why does it matter who plays what role :thinking:

Going by the trailer, that crazy asians movie looked like a cringe fest with various asian-american stereotypes used to portray Singaporeans; not that I care to see the movie so I could be wrong


It’s a bit of a different situation here.

Yeah that trailer has trash written all over it.


Jedi shark with lasers flying a big tornado inside the cave that takes them to the center of the earth.


“Me? I know who I am. I’m a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.”




So did Anthony Quinn.
And Omar Sharif :wink:


The worst example of whitewashing for me was for Avatar the Last Airbender movie. Every single character was originally some member of the Asian race. The movie changed all that for the worse.

Not that it ultimately mattered as the movie sucked. Great cartoon/anime series, god awful movie. People tend to forget that whitewashing or not, a bad movie is still a bad movie. The Thai cave rescue should have Thai actors, I agree, but the core of the story - a group of teenagers stuck in a cave for weeks - well, that is one that will evoke empathy in audiences regardless of the race.

The fact that they are from Thailand has very little to do with anything really. At least not here in Taiwan, where Thai’s are usually looked down upon. Just give the kids some royalties from the movie that’s all I ask. Kids deserve it.


Connery sorted that issue out by never changing his accent. His Russian sub commander from Edinburgh was ace.




People who play pretend and dress-up are universally fucked up unless they are 5 years old, of course. Complaining because there aren’t enough people who look like your group to play dress-up in movies that represent your group is kinda backward. Take it as a compliment that the storytime industry can’t find enough of your clan to playact.

I’m fairly certain there aren’t a whole lot of Krauts complaining that there are Polskis pretending to be concentration camp guards in talkies.


Let the kids play themselves


:hushed: Guess I won’t be seeing you at that Cosplay convention tomorrow then.


The important information is always in the comments.


If you want to go perv on the cosplay girls, you have to wear a costume yourself. Either that, or you can pretend to be a “photojournalist” like @IbisWtf. :sunglasses:


I’m a PJ all da way.


Just pray the police don’t get a hold of your memory card. :dizzy_face: