More "Whitewashing" BS



small correction: my grrls don’t cosplay as volleyball players, they do play volleyball!


And of all the sports, you chose the one where the girls wear the skimpiest shorts.


I may allegedly be a euro-centric patriarcal neo nazi white supremacist homophobic sexist fascist xenophobic libertarian, but I’m not stoopid!

Emigrating Taiwan for the sake of my children. To stay or go?

Some of the controversy here is interesting


I saw literally about 3 seconds of the trailer, I had to ditch because that friggin horrible Singlish accent just makes my stomach churn.

Anyways, we all better hope that young @Gain never finds out about Linda Hunt’s Oscar win in '83, he’s likely to blow an aneurysm…


I probably won’t see it, I think I got that covered.


Yellow face. Not what your complaint was about, which was interchangeable Asian ethnicities. I never said I approve of black face and yellow face.


It’ll be a long movie, several weeks stuck in a cave.


Well we can condense it into 3 hours
We can’t sit in a theatre trapped for three weeks
Otherwise we will all get PTSD


Like that movie 127 hours. What a gip! Over in 2 hours.


Germano-Hollando-Anglo-Irish to Mexican haram, Germano-Hollando-Anglo-Irish to Italian halal? :ponder:


Quick! Call Sir @rowland, defender of the Anglo-Saxons!

How about his western European accent? :

Edit: damn, @geajvop beat me to it! :frown:

There’s an interesting case.

He enjoyed telling tall tales and exaggerating his background and early life for the press, claiming that he was born “Taidje Khan” of part-Mongol parentage, on the Russian island of Sakhalin.[6] In reality of Swiss-German, Russian, and partial Buryat ancestry, he was born at home in a four-story residence at 15 Aleutskaya Street, Vladivostok.

The Buryats (Buryat: Буряад, translit. Buryaad; Mongolian: Буриад, ᠪᠣᠷᠢᠶᠠᠳ, Buriad), numbering approximately 500,000, are the largest indigenous group in Siberia, mainly concentrated in their homeland, the Buryat Republic, a federal subject of Russia. They are the major northern subgroup of the Mongols.

So he’s Asian. Does that make it halal for him to play a Thai? :ponder:

And then there’s this.

The assistant coach and three of the boys have no nationality, according to the founder of the Wild Boars team, Nopparat Khanthavong. He explained that they are from tribes in an area that extends across Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and China, where borders have changed and people do not have passports. He said it has been difficult for the boys to travel to games outside Chiang Rai province. “To get nationality is the biggest hope for the boys”, he said.[52]

It’s all equally exotic to most foreigners. :palm_tree:

No film or TV dramas for mature Mr. Landr, I take it! Or do you love :banana:ed up people as much as the rest of us? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You mean like that French train movie about the American guys?


What about dudeface???

(FWIW, if you’re going to talk about that particular effect, blackface and yellowface are the preferred spellings)


Not to mention raccoon face! :slight_smile:


Oh I watch 'em, have worked with 'em and “watched movies” with 'em. I just don’t look to them to be examples of any culture other than Pretend’o’ramaland. I think the whingers (starfnckers) out there lack the patience to sit through the closing credits in flicks. There are way f’n more non-WASP folks working behind the camera.

And it comes down to fame and fortune which, in certain circles, is the most important indicator.


I’m done with you.


Oh, I know there are messed up people all over the world. I just don’t see the value in singling out one profession as “universally” insane after the age of 5.


When I worked in film the talent were some of my favorite people on the set.

One thing that irks me here in taiwan is the second the film ends all house lights come on and some employee stands at the front waiting for everybody to leave, and I do my best to stay there and watch the credits roll but pretty soon I just feel like an ass because I am the only one. Hate that.


Ya roger that. The point I was trying to make was that the M in STEM doesn’t stand for movies.


My favourite people were craft services.


Interestingly, I just watched this:

As relates to this thread, aside from being a rippingly good watch, it’s a significant accomplishment, in that there’s a single lone white guy in the movie, with practically no subtitles and very little English (although it’s an international release), and of the hundreds of Thai inmates, they’re mostly (if not all) real Thai inmates, I’m sure of it.
If any of them actually are Thai movie actors, you sure wouldn’t friggin know it.
Really really great film, avoids pretty much all the cliches, and it’s a true story.
I give it a full 5 out of 5 stripey tails up