More "Whitewashing" BS


That must be the most blatant case of fraudulent advertising since the film The Never Ending Story



Maybe I will, this dude’s pretty funny


Just read the “controversy” surrounding ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ posted earlier. Are there also people also get outraged when British actors pretend to be American and vice versa?


Depends how good (or bad) the accent is, to be honest.


That is not true at all. Koreans mistake me for Korean all the time.

My area is predominantly Korean and Vietnamese, and I don’t look Vietnamese.


Don’t be friggin’ ridiculous. I have to live in the United States. I have to deal with the consequences of Hollywood neutering Asian men in the movies.

The issue is not about ethnicity. Women aren’t going to think about going home with you unless they see it happening with someone who looks like you in the movies.


Presumably you mean Koreans in the United States. Do you think that if you were in Korea you would be mistaken for a Korean?

I’m white caucasian and I can easily tell the difference between a Korean and a Taiwanese (in general terms, obviously).


That seems a little insulting to women. Sure, some are that shallow, but there are plenty who aren’t.


That’s not shallow. Everyone has an archetype of the person they’re going home with, and if you don’t fit that archetype, they won’t be attracted to you. Just makes things not impossible, but harder.


Having Hollywood dictate your “archetype” seems a bit shallow to me. I’ve known plenty of interracial couples with Asian males, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t wait for permission from Hollywood to start dating.


It’s not just a question of what facial features or skin tone your DNA gives you. Have you had surgery? Do you use make-up? Apparently Korean men are into that now.

But even if we remove those variables, there’s still clothing, general demeanor, and how you walk, like how Al was instantly spotted as a “lower 48” when he went to Alaska…



Good, underrated film. :+1:


I’ve given the “Faces” test at AllLookSame to dozens of my Taiwanese students over the years. I’ve also taken it myself, and had some of my U.S. friends, of varying backgrounds, take it. The results? None of us scored much higher than 50% correct in identifying who was Chinese, Japanese, or Korean just by looks.

So, sure, why can’t one East Asian actor portray another East Asian role? Anthony Hopkins did a great job acting the part of a cannibalistic killer; I’m sure he isn’t actually a psychopathic murderer in real life.





Which Asian actors will play the Brit-bong pedo divers who originally found the boys?




I’m sure it will be realistic.