I was going to post a few predictions for this year on the other thread ( a little morbid, I know), but I though that it could have a thread of its own…though most of my threads end up in the flounder forum withing 10 minutes…

I predict that the following will kick the bucket this year:

The pope (not really putting my head on the block with that one)
Micheal Jackson

more to come… :unamused:

I predict the following will pass on this year:

Chen Shui Bien dies of a heart attack after winning the election power is handed out to Annette Lu. The world is worse off.

Keith Richards or any member of the Rolling Stones so they can stop touring.

Machi Didi gets shot in a drive by. The assailants flash the hinet “rock on” symbol as they drive on by.

Lovey’s gold fish.
My plants.
Some guy on death row in Texas.
A few suicide bombers.
Howard Dean’s presidential run.
The song game…oh wait thats already dead.
Any furhter post by Choy Do fu to this thread. :smiling_imp:

…one of the Queen of England’s favourite dogs.

Mark from Eastenders (although its been 3 years since i watched it…he could already have snuffed it)

A couple of small mammals along a lonely stretch of highway in North Dakota.

ok ok…throw it in to the flounder bin