Moronic Italians

Stupid Italians have again brought the beautiful game into disrepute by astonishingly stupid, but typically Italian, behaviour at the AC Milan vs. Inter Milan game. And tonight…twenty years on from Heysel…Juventus play Liverpool in Turin. Keep an eye on some of the Italians as they may wreak revenge for the deaths of 39 Italians in Brussels 20 years ago.

Stupid bastards.


Indeed. Just what the game does not need.

I woke up at 2:30 to watch the matches, and was flipping back and forth between the two. I had the TV on the Chelsea match for a while, and when I switched back to the San Siro I noticed that the pitch was empty, which was very odd since there was plenty of time left.

Then they showed the replays of the flares hitting Dida and the pitch filling up with smoke.

Absolutely barbaric behavior.

More trouble last night at the Juve vs Liverpool game. Personally I think that the dreadful scenes in Milan may be a blessing in disguise. Italian football has long suffrered from this violence but the authorities there have chosen to turn a blind eye. The level of racism shown by some Italians who seem to forget the ‘glories’ of the Mussolini years is very sad to see. Remember the lazio ‘ultras’ unfurling banners showing their support for the Serbian war criminal Arkan? Now that this has happened in a UEFA sanctioned competition, the Italian Authorities may finally find their LPs and do something about the cancer of violence that they have accepted in Italian football for so long. I hope that Inter are given a European ban, and likewise for any Italian team that acts like this in the future. If Italian football wants the best players then it will have to be able to give them european matches, and they will have to take their problems mroe seriously.

I hope you guys aren’t British football fans…planks vs sawdust in eyes and all that. Don’t think the Italians could possibly be any worse than the Brits (or Turks for that matter).

more on this …

I understand why you might think this but I would respectfully disagree. The situation in the UK was extremely bad. There are still occasional pockets of trouble even now, but they are rare. And when trouble does occur, punishment is severe and swift. The government and the police take it extremely seriously and along with the football authorities have worked hard to improve the situation. Now-a-days, the biggest complaint most have is with the language used in the songs from the terraces. It will be sometime before the Italian game reaches that level. whilst the world seems to like to focus on the Brits (actually make that the ‘fans’ of the English National side) the situation in Italy has been allowed to go on vitually unchecked. Large sections of many grounds are basically seen as un-policeable and the thugs are left to their own devices. Clubs tend not to condem too harshley and the authorities seem to be a little afraid of stepping on toes. Now there seems to be an increase in the verbal from the authorities but it will be interesting to see if they have the will to back up the words.

:bravo: to butcher boy.

DSN your way off. most other european fans are far worse behaved than a vast majority of the brits.

and i quote…

Football hooliganism, once known as the ‘British Disease’, has been for many years a major cause for concern throughout Europe

I agree.

From the violence in Italy, Turkey, and elsewhere, to the idolization of Nazi symbols and genocidal generals like Arkan, to the most backward-looking repugnant racism from fans in Spain, Italy and places in eastern Europe (the chanting of monkey noises when any of the black players touch the ball, the throwing bananas etc.) … my general impression is that --although there are exceptions-- the UK is generally at least 10 to 20 years more advanced than most of the rest of Europe when it comes to the behaviour of its fans.

might be differences in perception of what is fan disturbance as well …

in some countries, the many of the problems come inside the stadium, like we’ve seen with italy, spain (racist chants), turkey …

i would argue that brits, the dutch and a few others might have more of a problem outside the stadiums, usually in direct relation to the amount of booze consumed, although a lot of work has gone into cleaning this up over the last decade - travel bans, police preparedness etc …