Mos Burger's eel "burger"

Yeah, that was my reaction too when I first heard about it. But it’s actually quite good, especially if you like Japanese eel rice. Keep in mind that each restaurant only serves 10 a day, and since they cook it upon getting your order, the wait is quite long by fast-food standards (I waited about 10 minutes for mine). Also, the bun is made of rice. Try it. It’s better than it sounds. :smiley:

Mos Burgers are generally good. It is def. better than McD in my opinion. A lot of my taiwanese friends loveeeeee their rice hamburger and other stuff as well. They stated that it fits their taiwanese tummy!!

Where are Mos Burgers from originally??


mos means mountains ocean sun

Formosa Korea

The burgers are no mountains, that’s for sure. That’s my only gripe about Mos Burger–the small portions.

MOS hamburgers are too messy. How can you eat one without all the insides spilling out? I have to get a fork.

that means it is a big hamburger and they aren’t stingy about putting the ingredients in! :wink: