Mosa Blackout: What Happened?

Good to be back in business. What happened? Was it scheduled or not?

Not scheduled.

My bank pulled the plug on my credit card and wouldn’t re-activate it till I sent them a copy of my ARC. [url= ARC was up for renewal last month, but I did not think I could give a copy of it then because its validity was less than 6 months[/url]. Then, after I renewed it, I, uh, ahem, kinda forgot about sending a copy of my new ARC to my bank :blush:

Took me awhile to piece everything together when they pulled the plug on the card. From that point it was just bad timing for me (heavy day at work on Wed, time zone for our web host billing)

wow. That was more interesting than I was expecting :smiley:

Maybe you should do that more often, as the site is lightning fast now. :wink:

dang… for a moment I thought my boss was onto me.

Er, I use forumosa as a research tool and maintain business contacts. yes, that’ right.

jeez…don’t do that to me again…felt like an amputee at work the last 2 days…only stumbleupon got me thru…

[quote=“Jack Burton”]dang… for a moment I thought my boss was onto me.

Er, I use forumosa as a research tool and maintain business contacts. yes, that’ right.[/quote]I do use it for work!

Were there any suicides because of this blackout?

You should’ve popped on over to the 'Ho. We had some nice chit chats there.

yeah, I killed myself.

It was nice for a few days. I realized I do have a life outside of Forumosa. I think I’ll stay away more often.

Now that’s just crazy talk. :loco:

sorta good, i cleaned up my cubicle, threw away all the extra papers I had on my desk and deleted redundant files/icons on my desktop…

it also gave me extra time to troll other forums I normally don’t get tyme to get to.

Surprised they dont give leeway on webhosting with late payments (i.e. 30/60 day grace periods/billing cycles)

Seems like we should have a summer fund raiser :bulb:
(hey the bear long time no see)

[quote=“Namahottie”]Seems like we should have a summer fund raiser :bulb:
(hey the bear long time no see)[/quote]
I feel the days of this place being not-for-profit are numbered anyway. :wink:

No, but you can expect a population increase in nine months.

Forumosa was down for two days? Really? I hadn’t noticed the difference.

Goose, what’s the bill for running this site on the server, and how far short are the donations to cover it? I’m just curious whether the frequent users are doing their share to help keep the site running. And if you took the actual cost, and divided it by, say, the top 100 active posters, what would that be per person, to give folks a benchmark for suggested donations?

I know I’m not doing my part, because I’d assumed they weren’t doing the donation thing anymore and were going fully ad- and privately funded. I mean last year there was the “Thank you to these people:” thing, there was frequent talk about the donations, but this year, squat. If they do still want donations, I think the fact needs to be made fully public.

Well…what happened was was that I read a book, had quality sex with one of the many girls who admire me because I don’t go looking for free booze thinking it is cool so I can impress them a bit no…oh no…

In addition to the one quality shag I had, was a superlative hand job, gratinated by four wanks over the Forumosa down-time period in addition to which, I had a great meal out with yet another cash-enraptured chick and some great nights rest and sleep. Wonderful.

That’s what happened with me…what happened to you? What did you do apart from lose your identity? :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Thanks for asking, Dragonbones

The large banners at the top of the index page and topic thread pages are exclusively for our donors who covered the cost of’s hosting for 2005. In short, we’re supposed to be paid up for the entire year. So, how could we have hit billing problems 2 months in a row? You won’t like the answer.

  1. I haven’t booked an entire year’s worth of hosting - it hits my plastic every month. This was an operational decision - I expected there to be some extra and developmental costs and I wanted to be liquid, just in case. Plus, I’m not 100% crazy about our ServerBeach situation - so have been shy about fully committing to them. But I realize now that this doesn’t serve the interests of the whole community :astonished:

  2. An unplanned charge did indeed arise :frowning: : in order to clear Forumosa’s books (figuratively speaking), I agreed to pay off the development costs of the old website once and for all. This was an agreement I signed and intended to honor personally. The result of this is our freedom to pursue any venture for Forumosa: and you can begin to see the fruits of this in the Forumosafieds, Forumosa Friends and

I asked if I borrow the funds we raised for 2005 hosting to payoff the debt. Maoman graciously and generously agreed :notworthy: (which isn’t really fair of me since, well, he still needs me now that I’ve tweaked the code beyond recognition! :smiley: )

Here’s what I will do to avoid future outages like this

  1. Raise funds (personally) for Serverbeach hosting from July-Dec
  2. Pay for the final 6 months of 2005 upfront

Folks, I’m sorry about all this.