'mosa copied

'Mosa copied

I post here and suddenly I find my posts on other sites… for example … hung&hl=en

There’s another one out there too… the diabetic thread.

Can people just rip the threads out like that and claim it on their own sites?


Is this a back up or something…

heck, one of them continued the thread there.

I post here and I don’t appreciate finding my posts on other sites.

The link you gave is a Google cache dating from 1 Nov 2004. If you try to click through to the page on the site itself you’ll see it doesn’t exist any more.

I believe there one or two other sites may have had a misunderstanding about site content previously, but as far as I am aware everything has been cleared up now.

I’m sure, however that Goose Egg and Maoman would be interested to hear if you find any current cases of sites using Forumosa content without their knowledge.

This has come up before. I wonder if it’s the same site.

I’m pretty sure it is the same one. It looks familiar, and the URL rings a bell.

I have another one a dorcas.com.tw about diabetes. It’s still active because I just added to it last week.

dorcas.org.tw/phpbb/viewtopi … ca170cf397

Man that one is weird as shit. They have their own posts intermingled with entire threads lifted straight from here. WTF?

I just found this one too: … n&ie=UTF-8

I see there actually is mention of forumosa on the page tho…odd.

That’s the same site that Bassman linked to before.

Roger that. It looks like some kind of snap shot thing: Internet BBS focus.

The other one looks more real as far as being active anyway.

People, the universe is infinite; this kind of thing was bound to happen sooner or later. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are lots of threads from here over there. Or from there over here?

EDIT: There are at least a dozen copied threads, most are from 2004. Bottom right navigation box leads to more. Copied? Unwittingly syndicated?

So, are these the guys that were “sorted out” or not?

How rude!

I was searching for stuff where people talk about me on other sites… yup, I find a few, and found all these posts with my name that I didn’t post there but posted elsewhere. That bothers me. If someone is going to argue with my post, I’d like to know about it.

Don’t you see what’s happening here?
Forumosa is a copy of dorcas.org.tw! :astonished:

Seems like all the threads on Bizarro Forumosa were copied a year ago. People can still add to them, though.

This thread was dead for a year until somebody was inspired to chime “Hartzell I definitely think just like you.”

Wasn’t there an overly agreeable user around here a while ago, too?