Mosquito control

We dont want poisons. Sprays or water additives. Curious what you guys do for mosquito control. Our bed has a net. It works some but the noise outside is really horrible and now that the ricefields are starting up again im losing a lot of sleep due to their humming.

Between them and rats im starting to get agro on these buggers…but still trying to remain civil. Do those light traps really work?

“our bed”
wew dude settle down no need to show off
I show them my pimp hand

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Hitting them is definately not effective and results in no sleep still :frowning:

buy one of those electronic tennis racquet-shaped zappers. Uses like double-A or triple-A batteries. Kills even other creatures.
Just don’t let siblings zap each other.


And don’t taste test it with your tongue!


The zapper and perhaps some of these sticky straps. There are some gels that seem to work too, mosquitoes get stuck in it. I would also look for the places inside the house where they might be laying eggs and destroy them. Then there are also some electric lights that fry them, worth trying. And people say that these things you plug in sockets work too.


CO2 traps.

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What’s the issue you’re having with rats? I fucking hate rats.

I have a few of those mosquito blue light zapper things.

I use these 2 at work. One of them plugs into empty electrical sockets and the other you can replace your lightbulbs with. Both work surprisingly well.

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We have the electric seatting things. They work well but again need to get up turn on lights and clear out the room…sleep officially done.

We are surrounded by rice farms, they arent breeding in our house.

Those blue lights i was curious, if they really work we will get a couple. Also never tried the co2 plug in things, intriguing!

Rats issue: we have them and they wont take our bait. I have a bunch of cage traps but they wont have anything to do with them… Tried potato, carrot, pasta, cheese and peanut butter. I even made a thread here asking what field mice like i could use as bait. I love them, but not breeding in my ceiling!!!

Some rats just seem to know it’s a trap. maybe there’s a way to camouflage it?, no idea.
I have a friend whose place was inundated at night because they were eating the birdseed she used for birds. it was a swarm of rats at night, something to behold. Got rid of the seed and the rats mostly went away.

The plugs work for me. I put it in at night. None of the little bastards wake me up. Then i wake up and sometimes see them hiding out in the bathroom

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  1. Wash your feet before going to bed. Mosquitoes are attracted to smelly feet.
  2. Tennis racket zapper. Scan the bedroom before hitting the sack.
  3. If one bugs you during the night. Get out of bed and inspect the wall area right behind your head. Often times they’ll hang out there and then try and bug you again. I’ve nailed quite a few of these motherfuckers using this method.
  4. Once it gets hot out, then just use a fan. They don’t like the draft.

Theres some wisdom in that message, cheers. I have found similar in my adventure. If i may one by one.

  1. We always shower before bed. Couldnt live any other eay. Literally after shower we go to bed, its our habit. If our feet still stink, then shit…its on us haha.

  2. Totally agree. I setup a mesh net for the bed. Those things hang on to certain parts areas, namely head area amd ceiling. We kill a good 50 before trying to sleep. Im not ashamed to say we go through 2 AA batteries a week when the rice fields flood. And i try to not use batteries as much as possible.

  3. Ya. Thats the issue though. We get up every hour. Swat a few dozen and try to sleep again. Literally every hour or 2. Sleep gone. Although we both have a sick pleasure in killing the damn beasts. But that cant be a healthy long term solution.

  4. Im canadian…i can use a fan every day or the year. My wife is from the deep south…hmmmm…not sure how to do that in winter. Though even with a fan we notice they still come in. Summer time we use a pretty string one, i use it at work when powdering stuff to blow the dust out…they still come on in.

The friggen things i can handle usually, ita not the itch or the disease…its the lack of sleep when there are masses of them humming around your ears.

Oh ya, my older mother is coming for a visit soon…fun times…will have 2 species humming around my ears…buying a few ofnthose blue light things tomorrow!

Anyone happen to know the chinese name of the co2 plug in devices?

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Raid? They sell them everywhere anyway. Easy to find and self explanatory from the box

Since ive bought the plugs i havent had the wake up and hunt them down routine. They are not always easy to find. Ive seen the buggers go under the bed. Good luck with that

Do you have window screens?

Yes we have screens. Though we live in an old japanese house that is renovated, so there are no doubt cracks somewhere. Hence the net which is inconvenient and only partially effective. Other issue is the big ones seam by our heads on the outside of the mesh…starting to realise the logic in co2 traps.

For mosquitoes, make sure there are screens on every window, door and vent. Sometimes the screens are not fitted very well and so the frames need to be sealed. Any space between the doors and the floor also need to be blocked. Check your clothes closets, mosquitoes like to hang out there. A zapper for every room. They also don’t like Green Oil 綠油精 or Tiger Balm.

For the rats, tie a piece of string to the bait hook in cage traps and then coat the string with peanut butter. They’re more likely to chew and pull it than if you put the peanut butter directly on the metal hook.

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Yeah, screens not properly fitted is a pretty big issue here. I can’t close my windows without knocking the screens out because the fuck knuckles who put them in didn’t bother to make sure they fit properly.

It sounds like you live in or near a swamp. That’s a lot of mosquitoes flying around.

Wow, thats a great idea about the string on the hook. I keep adjusting my traps to be ultra sensitive bur the bastards keep licking it clean and the door doesnt slam shut…

綠油精 isnt it used for bites? Is it camphor oil or mint/ peppermint oil? Ive tried all 3 with limited success on direct body aplication, but in a house they dont seem to mind and/or its not feasible to use enough to ward them off.

Tha ks for those suggestions!

I do. Rice fields everywhere and government sponsored wetlands being built. Its not easy but when rice field go dry its heavenly.

Still beats the pollution though…i might go mad from sleep depravation, but at least i am not garaunteed cancer and organ failure :slight_smile: but i still want these fucking humming, near invisible bastards to just go extinct!!!