Most and least useful degrees


Nope. As I have said in one of my posts, if you are doing anything that is academia related work or something that requires you passing a bar or exam, you need a degree.

However, if you just want to start and run your own business, you don’t need PhD.

To clarify, my PhD pays me. So a competitive PhD like tha require you to have experience and obviously a degree which is a requirement to get a PhD.


No. I can get a job. I can make a few calls and someone would hire me for like entertainment or gym related. But like I said, doesn’t make bank. So I’m looking towards the future. I want more in life. I know I can do more. I’ll always love sports and will continue to do workout and train. But not so much of a career.


That’s what I was thinking. Just finish my degree and go from there. I’m smart enough and have enough connections to go from there. And can probably raise capital from friends and family if I wanted to start something.


wasn’t it a conclusion from a previous thread that the degree you need is an easiest and low cost one from any of accredited school?


Almost all PhDs are funded by grants and scholarships.

Anyway Andrew has no interest in that world but a degree is just a basic qualification to get you through the door. At some point he might need it.

But it’s great that he’s thinking about what he will actually learn and enjoy doing as well.

How about some kind of psychology , that can be applied to sports psychology and motivation .


The best course I ever took was “Chinese Political Philosophy From Confucius to Sun Yat Sen”. Never did get to Sun Yat Sen. Personality tests really reflect the concerns of the people who created them, don’t they? No idea.


You gotta know what you want more. And I suspect it is not the degree that you need or want… Unless you are pursuing something specific with a pre requisite of having a degree…


It’s based on a Jungian typology. Jung was pretty woo.


Theres a lot of controversy about personality tests.
They go in and out of favour like the wind.


Sure but it all depends on what he wants to do with it. But it sounding more and more that he wants to build his own business and if I were in his situation I will start doing that now… instead of waiting for a degree.

On the other hand, get whatever degree that interest you and build your business at the same time.


Side note: where are you planning to get your degree?


Nobody really regrets getting a degree, even if they don’t pursue it . Almost everybody regrets not getting one when they need it.
.A lot of us want to work for ourselves but the stats are clear that most people , especially Americans, work for large corporations. There are lots of reasons for that. Large corps and government organizations basically require all management to have degrees.

And not only large but small and medium too to be honest.


In the meantime I will take Italian in Italy to get student visa. So that’s not too bad. And finish my degree either online or a uni there. Just getting out of Malaysia. And learning a language will certainly not hurt me. Plus my fiancée is Italian with good connections so it wouldn’t hurt me at least.


I tried going on without a degree. I did fairly well. But at a certain but it’s not the 70s anymore where it doesn’t matter as much. Now they many places won’t even consider you even if you’re the best candidate with the most experience sadly.


It’s just the way it is . The world is a very competitive place. There’s billions of people out there getting an education fighting for the best positions.


Perhaps after living in Italy and studying Italian for awhile, something will pique your interest. Peter Weller (Buckaroo Banzai, RoboCop, etc.) has a Ph.D. in Renaissance numismatics.


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