Most annoying TV commercials

What complete and utter trash some of the TV commercials are!

Too many commercial breaks IMO. And the worst are those screaming LOUD low budget trashy commercials. I’m especially talking about “Beds World” also known as “Chuang de Shijie”… as the opening line goes “Chuang de shijie mashang zou!” it always takes me by surprise and it makes me feel goddamn SICK!!! :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:

Next time I’m going to go over there to Chuang de Shijie, get sick on their f*ing beds and then mashang zou!!!

HAHA nice!
I remember there’s one where this guy is singing (slightly off-key) about his moving company. Probably cutting down his budget and did the job all commercials need to do: catch your attention. Although in this case, I’ll probably refrain from calling him to move my stuff so that he won’t burst out into song half-way. All in all, not exactly what you want to see when you just turned on your tele.

Come on???

Got to have the trashy commercials in order to keep 112 channels of trash on the air.

“Integrate… Pintegrate!”

It’s not even the most annoying ad in the world, it’s the fact that they always play it twice in any break.