Most Common Questions a Foreigner Might Ask in Taiwan

so what? better than dumped in a bush. which i see plenty of. and they already have some public bins. should they get rid of those too? where to draw the line?

having public bins is a must, i really don’t get the debate against it.

yea the MRT does finish pretty early. people tell me that it is too expensive to run through the night with so few passengers. i am not so sure about that, if it was another country then sure. but taiwanese people stay up pretty late, you can get 24 brekfast shops, bookshops and all kinds of things. i reckon the metro would still be pretty busy.

The Taiwan subreddit has a wiki page as well. Just saying.

About the fapiao lottery:

  1. The window to claim your winnings is a few months.
  2. If you don’t want to bother and despise every person you know in Taiwan who does want to bother, give your fapiao’s to charity. Otherwise the government just keeps the money. :scream:
  3. Oldschool fapiao’s and new “e” ones have the same winning numbers you can see on the English version of the govt’s fapiao page, but the Chinese version has a link to extra winning numbers for the e fapiao’s only, both in order of drawing and arranged alphanumerically.
  4. The smallest prizes are tax free. After a certain amount it’s 20%, but if you’re a resident you may still get a refund the next year.
  5. You don’t need an ARC to play.

Dumped in a bush? Are you sure you’re in Taipei? If your sample size for this statement is…Danshui MRT area and the old street, look further.

You don’t have to take the MRT to get to a 24h breakfast shop though.

yes i have seen more of taipei than danshui.

you don’t have to take the MRT to get a morning breakfast either. the point was taiwanese are up at all hours, the metro would still be busy enough to run through the night i reckon.

It’s so they can do maintenance in the early mornings. Most subway systems in the world stop at night for that reason. (London’s Underground offers a few limited night services).

I wish they would offer limited all-night bus services on selected routes.

“It’s ridiculous that they celebrate the Chinese New Year a month after the real one. When do they celebrate the 4th of July, in August?”

What’s the 4th of July??

Oh yeah, I remember hearing something about the Americans having Canada Day on the 4th this year, right.
I thought that was kind of cute, good for them.

Yup. Indeed, cussing at someone (even in English) or flipping them off in public can land you in legal trouble, and it will cost you.

Legal troubble? Wow! I didn’t know that.
I guess I will have to watch my tongue from now on…

Best way of ‘managing’ the problem I’ve found has been to add a layer of clothing underneath (preferably something like UniQlo Airism - other brands are available). It at least helps to delay the spread of that cleavage sweat patch.

The Uniqlo drifit undershirts work like a charm here.

Can someone explain how cursing in English and/or flipping the bird can get into legal trouble? English cursing only?

Taiwan has public insult laws. The language (in terms of English/Mandarin etc) used is irrelevant. Basically, if you insult someone in public they can sue you and will more than likely win.

Search the forum for ‘public insult’ and you can easily find previous threads like: Flipped the bird, charged under Taiwan's "public insult" law

Your FAQs need to be categorized.

Your mission, should you choose to accept…

Michael Phelps did it and won gold, that’s enough of a reason to tell you cupping works. He also lost in one of his best events, also telling you it doesn’t make you invincible.

Rule of thumb, just don’t pick any odd number or any number that has the number 4. The number 4 in Chinese is 四(shi4) and is very close to 死(shi3), which means death. I know…don’t ask.

When in doubt, ask a co-worker in a similar situation. Someone in which you both consider your colleague getting married an acquaintance, but not a friend. Ask them how much they’re going to pack.

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Can someone explain how cursing in English and/or flipping the bird can get into legal trouble? English cursing only?

Your answer is here: Suing someone for slander

For the record, I have been jammed with Article 310 - twice - and both times my omnipotent benefactor used his guanxi to make it go away. Article 196 was mentioned in passing as well, but it didn’t go to court in either case.

Article 310

A person who points out or disseminates a fact which will injure the reputation of another for purpose that it be communicated to the pubic commits the offense of slander and shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than one year, short-term imprisonment, or a fine of not more than five hundred yuan. A person who by circulating a writing or drawing commits an offense specified in the preceding paragraph shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than two years, short-term imprisonment, or a fine of not more than one thousand yuan.

What did I do? The first time happened on a return flight to TPE circa 2009. You know how these people make a beeline for the exit before the plane has come to a complete stop and all that? Instead of following deplaning protocol, row-by-row, these fuckers jet up from row 56 like they should be the first fuckers off the plane. Asia is the only place I’ve ever seen this happen on a regular basis.

I usually sit between rows 5-15 on this flight - always on this flight. And I’m always watching for lemmings. As soon as I catch sight of this jackass bolting up from the back, I block his path in the aisle. I’m not big guy, but I have an attitude that almost always does the trick. In this case, dude - 50-something business type - was not pleased, but he didn’t say anything. At first.

Instead he leaned into me, and then trying to squeeze by, I turn and said, “Knock it off, pal.” He said, “Excuse me, you’re blocking the aisle.”

“That’s not how this works.”

So we have a few minutes for him to huff and puff, but the doors open, and I make a point of letting everybody in the rows ahead exit before us down there at row 6. Then I very slowly make my way to the door, with this cunt pushing me the whole way. Finally, he says again, “Excuse me, you’re blocking my path.”

I spin around and say, “Fuck you, man.”

I don’t remember exactly what he said, something about “I’m so-n-so from so-n-so,” but I spit out a variation of the theme: “I don’t care. Fuck off.”

And that was it. I heard his cell phone camera click a couple of times and then in the terminal, he ran ahead and took a shot of my face. Again, I was defiant. Probably threw in another “fuck off” for good measure.

Two days later, at work, the boss comes in with a big smile on his face and asks if I had any trouble at TPE the other night.

Oh no. Turns out this guy was a mid-level mucky-muck in one of the agencies (I can’t say which one, obviously), and he used his clout to track me down. And well, they want an apology, or they want my ass thrown in jail, and then out of the country - in that order.

I chose the apology route and as humiliating as that ordeal turned out to be, that was the end of it.

The second time was just fucking stupid. I got testy with one of the customs people over a shipment of imported goods and signed the receipt with some profanities. That took a month before it circled back around to bite me in the ass. However, I personally did not have to apologize; it was done on my behalf, and the guy was not a super big-wig, so it went away real quick like. Three thousand in a hongbao, I think.

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Your FAQs need to be categorized.

Your mission, should you choose to accept…[/quote]

I would, but… As @Gain pointed out earlier, there’s a wiki on Reddit, and… I mean, if people want it, I’ll do it. However, I’m kind of ambivalent.

[quote=“ranlee, post:55, topic:154561, full:true”]

Michael Phelps did it and won gold, that’s enough of a reason to tell you cupping works. He also lost in one of his best events, also telling you it doesn’t make you invincible.[/quote]

Fingers crossed he hasn’t been juicing. Rumors are swirling.

Yes, ask an impartial co-worker. Very solid advice.

I should note that they will ask you one question: “How well do you know this person?” or “Is this your best friend?” because the amount depends on familiarity.

Nicely done, sir.
Only thing I’d add is that in the eyes of “the law”, or maybe the ears, any utteration of what’s seen to be a profanity (most often “fuck” or one of its variants) can be seen as a violation, partly because it’s not the native language, and part because fuck you anyways.
This means that, in the situation cited, brother super_lucky would have been in the same trouble for just saying “for fuck’s sake” or “fucking hell”, or going full Ricky with a “for the love of fuck”.
The Man don’t want to know from semantic differentiation.
Somewhere on here is the sad tale of a poster who got the full deal for flipping the bird at some lady and getting his piccie took on her phone, without saying anything.

I’d be interested if a cat could get away with the Brit two-finger salute
Or the New Jersey Good Morning

Since moving to Taiwan, I’ve tried to make use of my native “wanker” and the associated hand signal in place of more universally understood expressions.

I can always claim that I’m asking for directions to the nearest 網咖

That’s EXACTLY what I took to using in traffic!
What they don’t know can’t hurt them

Right tones, wrong initial: si not shi :grandpa: (in lieu of the finger-wagging emoji)