Most dangerous animal on Earth

Fun little trivia question:

What is the most dangerous animal (not insect, not human) on Earth with regards to killing the most people per year?

The answer: Deer. They kill thousands (or at least over a thousand) of motorists every year. Sharks, lions and those kinds of animals only kill a few hundred per year.

I know Hippos are pretty high on the list as well.

I thought the answer was gonna be Taiwanese drivers. :s Aren’t they animals?


Actually, if you’re going to stretch the definition of “kill” with deers killing indirectly by running in front of cars, then the deadliest mammal ever known to man is:

A black plague posesseth thee!

Not beaver??


actually it wasn’t the rats themselves that transfered the plague, it was the fleas that came over on the rats, even though the rats had the virus. personally I think George Bush must rank pretty high on that list