Most expensive thing you own is

Some people want to insure all the junk in their house. I was wondering what could be worth insuring? A DVD player? An obsolete computer? All 59 issues of Men’s Talk magazine?

My integrity.

I don’t know if that would be covered under the household insurance…

Now claiming for that in mr Sandman’s case would certainly be insurance fraud.

I know of an apartment that got robbed recently (I didn’t do it and it wasn’t me that got robbed). They lost a digital camera, a computer, tv and a bunch of other stuff. If your someone that hordes small electonics, you could quickly lose a lot.

computer + flatscreen monitor
digi cam
cell phone(s)
flatscreen tv
PS2, Xbox and others
Pricey watches and stuff

All are things that come to mind. I wonder how that sort of insurance would work out here. Seems like it wouldn’t (work).

Jewelry and nice watches, especially when they have sentimental value, can be pretty expensive to replace.


Our homowners association dues (So. Cal) cover insurance for the main structural parts of our townhouse, but exclude nicities such as floor and wall coverings (carpet, tile, drywall, cabinetry…). We had to get supplemental insurance to cover all these, plus the contents of the house and insurance against lawsuits for personal injury/liability.

But even the contents add up fast. Furniture, refrigerator, big-screen TV, jewelry, clothes–all the things we’ve accumulated over the past few years would be hard to replace all at once.

Those of you who are listing your domestic expensives, please remember to include your addresses and when you are likely to be out?


Had a break-in a few years ago before we moved here–not much left for anyone to take here. :slight_smile:


Fair do’s to Sandman.

He didn’t say his integrity was not for sale, he just said it is EXPENSIVE.

My diamond tiara is priceless.

I had a year-old 750cc Yamaha worth NT$200,000 stolen from out of my house a few years back. The thieves were very nice and locked the house back up again when they left. They were also very nice and didn’t ransack the place or take the NT$250,000 in cash that was lying in a draw that the wife forgot to take to the bank…


After having reviewed the evidence, I find that:

Your wife knicked it and hocked it for lotto money.

Case closed.


Pardon me.

I had a US $2,000 mountain bike stolen from inside my house in California. After subtracting the $500 deductible and other bullshit insurance company excuses I received $1,300 six months later. Extremely disappointing. The cop wasn’t much consolation either. He insisted on watching my TV instead of writing his report, until I turned off the TV, and he refused take fingerprints although it was obvious which window the guy had climbed in due to the muddy footprints. My next bike was much cheaper.