Most interesting things you learned here

Most interesting things you learned here…

We all have our favorite threads, and we all contribute in different ways to the success of this forum. Maoman more than once has said how important it has become for expats here to share resources, ideas, experiences, job tips, etc…

So, in keeping with this theme, what has been the single most interesting thing you learned here or learned of at’s forums? Could be a fact, could be a cool restaurant or pub you now visit regularly, some fellow posters you’ve finally met in th flesh, a book, a new job opportunity, etc.

If you can’t limit it to one thing, that’s okay, list them all.

For me, without a doubt, the most interesting thing I picked it up was just the other day when somone on the tech thread told me about a new google search window that allows people to search for images and pictures on the Web. I had never heard of that before, never read about in the print media, wow! I am now addicted to this new toy on google. Just type in some search words, and out comes a batch of sites with photos of that area. Amazing. Thank you, forumosa.commoners, for pointing that out.

So what are the most interesting things (thing) YOU have learned here, that you didn’t know of before?


Lots, OWP, meeting Richard Hartzell, meeting friends, debating culture chocks etc. It just goes on and on.

Hats off for Gus.

What have we learned from Oriented? Segue? Forumosa?
Wouldn’t a more interesting question be what we have learned in Taiwan?
But to play along, I haven’t learned anything from Forumosa.

Most things require that you put something in in order to get something out. 1239 posts by Wolf should have given some kind of response.

I’m sorry Mr He, I don’t really recall anything that I have learned here. It is, after all, just a chat forum. I mean I have learned that certain items have been for sale, if that’s what you mean.
I don’t get your comparison on posts to what one has to offer. The more you post, the more you should be educating? Sandman must be president of Forumosa U.

I’ve learned that Wolf can be a tad grumpy sometimes.

Even Sandman must have learned something. You can actually meet people thru this place - and get information if needed.

I believe that I have learned a great deal, even though there’s been a great deal of chaff anong the wheat.

I agree that you’ll get more out of the forums if you post more, but writing posts also takes up a huge amount of time.

I’ve been an avid reader of these boards for years now, but I rarely post. I’ve gotten a great deal of info from these boards. Especially the Legal section. The Living in Taiwan forum is probably the next best one for me, as it contains little tidbits of useful information every now and then.

Isn’t this whole thread sort of a “let’s slap ourselves and Forumosa on the back”?
It reminds me of the scene in Enter the Dragon when Bruce Lee is pointing at the sky and the student, instead, looks at his finger and Lee says: “Don’t concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all the heavenly glory.”
This thread is staring directly at the finger.

Life is hard, then you can pull the finger out.

I have learned that Wolf picks his nose and wipes the boogers on the underside of his desk, but I didn’t learn it from Forumosa.

I learned about the Indian foods supplier on ZhongXiao E Rd. Not something you find from Lonely Planet, tourist information, your students, or anybody I’ve met in the pub.

I learned that American policy sucks!!!
erh…foreign policy…

LOL! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

… Unless you happen to “inherit” his desk, boogers and all…

Okay, wolf, two can play this game, dozens in fact!

So what have been the most interesting things you have learned here in Taiwan, that you didn’t know before? Don’t tell us you didn’t learn anything in 18 years!

[quote=“ax”]I learned that American policy sucks!!!
erh…foreign policy…

Translation: I’ve learned nothing :wink:

I’m still marvelling at the image search thingy! Five days and I am still hooked!

On Segue/Forumosa: How to take the Taiwanese Driver License.
In Taiwan: How to drive car as a crazy taxi driver

Oh, yes: