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The “Last Post” column on the main forum page does NOT show the title of the last post as it once used to. I am pretty sure I complained about this last time there was an update. Its a pain in the ass having to go into the forum to see what the latest post is about.

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Hi folks,

Today, we’re investigating the slowness of the server, so we’ve had to temporarily disable some functions of the website. I hope we’ll get everything back in order (and have our server performance up) very soon

On the main index, there is displayed the name of the last person to post to each forum. The thread name used to appear in the same place; but it no longer does. Can it be reinstated please?

For some reason this feature was slowing things down a lot, so we removed it. Sorry for the inconvenience…

You can have it fast, or you can have it pretty (unless it’s a Cadillac), but you can’t have it fast AND pretty.

Would it be faster if we limited the number of people allowed to use the site? Perhaps we could introduce some kind of personality profiling, so that only right-thinking folks like me can post here?

This has been another good idea from Loretta’s Fast and Pretty Idea Factory.

Thank you.

Every other forum I visit has the most recent post feature. Their sites are faster and prettier than this one.

I really cant see why such a feature would slow things down.

I for one think the most recent post feature is very important.

The last post function is important. I’d like to restore it, but the mod that supports it is not optimized for large sites (> 250,000 posts). Here is the phpbb community site with more than 1,000,000 posts. You will note that it does not support the last post function on its index page.

May I suggest that you bookmark and use the NEW or 24 hour search links at the top of each page? I think these are actually a more efficent way to read the site than using the index page.

There are large sites out there that have implemented the last post feature, but doing it requires some significant tweaking of the underlying PHP code that might cause service to be disrupted.

The solution is to log in and view the posts since your last visit. You can see thread titles there.

I just miss the way it used to be, I use the “new” and “24” one now, but its not the same. Maybe we should create a petition to get it added back on :wink:

But who would you direct the petition to – the software developers so that they could make the software faster and still have all the bells and whistles (they are already doing that), our webhost so that our computers work faster when we use complex modifications (we could pay more, but I’m told the improvement would be marginal), or our community so that they (you) won’t overload our website?

I’d sign your petition (except if it were directed at Forumosan regulars) – but I think it’s a moot one