Most underrated singer/band

Who’s the the most underrated?
Especially interested in @jimipresley 's opinion.

My vote is Jim Croce. Amazing but seemingly unknown now

What? He’s quite famous… :thinking:

Really? I’ve never seen him mentioned in conventual media.

Maybe we need a poll for members here? Hear of Jim Croce?

I’ve never even heard of conventual media… :sweat_smile:


Lol you answered before I posted



How about Sniff ‘n’ The Tears?

Just a bit too pretty boy. Not a real contender.

OK, but Jim Croce is way too well known.

I submit…
Who’s unknown but amazing?

Shaun Cassidy… well, according to my sister who had his poster on her wall

Total poser whose best songs are stolen…

His son is on tour near me.

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I never knew he was an artist or touring. He has his father’s skills?

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Have a video link?

Julia Hamari.

Karl Richter (genius) is too often looked down upon for his direction of the Münchener Bach-Chor, inaccurately characterized as amateurs.

The wonderful Julia Hamari spends a full 4 seconds on that B (check it out at 1:10-1:15). While she holds the tonic, you can hear the tonal center gradually shift from the root chord (Bm) to the subdominant (Em).

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Not now, i know him because of my mom but my generation doesn’t know him. And he was awesome

Phil Judd

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Yeah, some people might recognize some of his songs. That doesnt make him famous

Start asking people under 40 what their favorite Croce song is, see what they say