Most Useful Links in Taiwan

This is a thread dedicated to the most useful links for foreigners living in Taiwan.

Post your links.

Taiwan Railways (English version) time tables, ticket prices and bookings online

Central Weather Bureau (English version) internet directory

Oh, you said usefull: … finder.htm

Taiwan Documents Project
Asian Dragons Online Search
World TV and Radio Stations Online

:sunglasses: National Police Administration Information for Foreigners
:slight_smile: Taipei Abandoned Animal Rescue Foundation

Taiwan Postal Service street name translation service (Ch --> Eng) (Chinese only)

Dept. of Education in Taipei arrange your own vacation with friends that know your sport and where best to do it

Taiwan Foreign Language Editors’ Corner - :wink: JUBA … orscorner/
Like “Living in Taiwan,” this is a community on MSN. Any current or prospective translators or editors working in Taiwan, or anyone else interested, is welcome to join.
expats in Taiwan -
Another group. I found them so I thought I would support them, sometimes the advice is a little whack though. English news English news Railway Cost of Living Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry Of Transport - Driving in Taiwan Download this for help with your teaching. If you want to get equal rights for foreigners in Taiwan then support this site. knock on wood found on segue

How about some Chinese media (just for the pictures):

A magazine most foreigners in Taiwan can seriously relate to

The Clash of the Tightest is a must-read.

Shameless plug… The Family Forum

The list wouldn’t be complete without this site. Oh, those golden locks.

From Dan’s site it seems those golden (and hopefully now shorn) locks will be on SET TV from tonight until the 14th. Anyone any idea what number SET is and when he’s on?

No, but after reading the site, I hope that his Mom is on TV with him.