Motel in Taipei?


It might be the wrong section, I apologize in advance. I’m going crazy :stuck_out_tongue: I simply look for a motel in Taipei, there are hundred websites but they all in chinese and mostly everywhere but not in Taipei. Can anyone recommend a nice Motel? Thanks sooooo much in advance :slight_smile:


Wego on Linsen North Road. Website is Chinese only but maybe you can call and check prices: 02-25318000 … 2003260439


thanks for that it looks nice. I found a nice one in Keelung as well called “melody motel”. my gf is leaving and working there, she has to work next day at noon… so we have more time :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy your stay, but look for hidden cameras before doing any bed exercises …

don’t scare me … it should be a romantic evening :slight_smile: actually I never heard about motels…I mean in Europe we don’t have this…but she told me its nice…:slight_smile: anyway thanks:-)

They are basically ‘love hotels’ … mostly used by bosses and their secretaries … and probably couples that can’t have any privacy at home … there used to be a time that lot’s of cameras were found in these places and the resulting output sold on night markets …

i love night markets :wink: ok good to know …