Motherboard headache

I need some suggestions with this one. I have a really nice mobo for a K7 with nForce2 chipset. The system was running perfectly. Unfortunately, that motherboard recently failed me, and I went out to get a new one. Since the processor is out of stock, there was only one type of motherboard available and that was with a VIA chipset. Being out of options, I had to get that one, but it runs like shit, and I wish I had my old one back.

From what I heard, mobos typically fail from elko burnout of the voltage unit for the CPU. All the elko’s seem fine visually. I would still like to test them, and maybe find the faulty one and replace it. If it the an Elko that is.

Symptoms of motherboard failure are. I can turn on the computer, everything seems to be powered up, but nothing else happens, the screen stays black. I can even turn off the computer by pressing the power button. Since this is a mobo/bios function, at least that part of the mobo seems working.

So can anybody give me tips how to test the elko’s, or what else to look for to fix this thing?