Mother's Day Celebrations!

Please tell me what is the point? They are having a ‘performance’ near my place, speakers at full blast, some kind of lottery/prize winning mind numbing game, and loads and loads of noise. I could strangle the MC and what would have been a lovely Saturday at home has become a nuisance.

Why does every ‘day’ have to be celebrated publicly?? Can’t moms be honoured in their own homes with dignity.

I love you, Mommy Divea!

Thank you, that’s a nice emoticon. Now I need to get my hubby and kids to say that!

I went to a lovely Mother’s Day celebration at a Montessori kindy in Banqiao owned by some friends of mine. I took the photos and video, caught up with the parents, cooed over my favourite kiddies, and exchanged hugs and kisses. Lovely hugs and kisses with this bub, and an unexpectedly long and enthusiastic hug from this bub.

The event lasted about two hours, consisted of the kindy kiddies singing some ‘Mother’s Day’ songs (most of which seemed to involve telling mummy how much they loved her in several different ways and for a wide variety of reasons), a huge meal of food contributed by the parents, and that was it. I doubt it could have been heard outside, since no speakers were used (though outside across the lane there’s just a park full of old people doing exercises anyway).

Mother’s day is one of my fav holidays. The way I see it, it’s not even about me–it’s about my boy 'cause without him I couldn’t participate! So, I don’t usually get any fancy gifts or such, but as my boy says, I’m getting my most favorite gifts of all for Mother’s Day this year–Hugs and Kisses! And he’s right, they are my absolute favorites!

So, I’m totally with Divea on this. The over the top stuff is fun for some, maybe, but not what the day is about. And I agree that it’s no fun if your private celebrations are overshadowed by the noisy silliness and MARKETING outside the windows.

Happy Mother’s Day, Divea!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the rest of you mom’s, too.

Happy Mother’s Day HC!!!