Motorbike Fatality - stats and facts from the states

Found this compilation of different stats from different sources on motorbike fatalities in the states. It’s very detailed and has some interesting stats on what time of day and at what age most fatalities occur. It also gives some exact percentages for how much safer you are with a helmet. I think most of you will find it interesting. … cycles.htm

you’d think wearing a helmet would just be commonsense by now … i can’t believe they weaken helmet laws. do the states in question ticket bicycle riders for no helmet? wouldn’t surprise me …

Had a big bike weekend at Panama City Beach, Fl this past week. Had something like 5 fatal accidents in two days, all due to head injuries because there is no helmut law in Florida. Used to have one, but so many bikers raised a stink it was rescinded. Stupid. Really really stupid :astonished: :loco: