Motorbike Luggage

Is it possible to buy soft motorcycle luggage in Taipei?

In the few shops I’ve found they sell top boxes but nothing for the weekend.

Or is it even worth buying it for occaisonal weekend trips, or will a holdall and a couple of bungees do the trick?

Get a large magnetic tank bag, most of them are large enough to carry a helmet in. (you didn’t mention the size or make of your bike) the rest of your stuff you can put in a duffel bag. Are you riding two up or solo?

I bought my duffel bag at Walmart, my saddle bags were great too, but other than a long trip around the island why would you need them?


i know a shop at the corner of minchuen and chengde rd (in chengde on the right when going north). the place is called DaCham (or similar), 3 floor shop with repair, clothing, bikes, luggage and all the stuff. i saw some throw-overs there, maybe you’ll find what you are looking for.

Thanks stefan I’ll have a look.

But for info It’s for riding 2 up on Hartford VR200.

you’re welcome.
for 2 up on a VR200 i bought a GIVI hard case to mount on the rack because a throw-over will get in touch with the exhaust and/or even the rear tire. i was looking at some and found that they will not hang straight down but rather fold inwards under the seat. it’s a little tricky to strap them on as well. i found the hard case much more practical, watertight and easy to store a helmet. it has an extra break light and lots of storage for a weekend, even for 2. if i really have to, i strap a bag onto the tank with a net and hooks. works well. won’t hinder your sight to the instruments nor the steeering.

check it out:

I think I went to the right intersection, but I couldn’t find anything that resembled a three-leveled moto store. :frowning:

Is this the correct intersection?

the street names are quite difficult to distinguish, one is MingShen, the other, parallel to it and to the north is MingChuen. the store i mean is near the intersection MingChuen - ChengDe right underneath the Santos Hotel sign on the map on ChengDe. its actually easy to find when you go ChengDe all the way north - there is a big ugly green bridge for pedestrians and an underground construction going on for the extended MRT line. look to the right and you’ll see some bikes in the windows and ridiculus styled scooters outside (c’mon, who needs a spoiler on a scooter…)

hope that helps.

have a nice day

I found the shop today having first got my street names wrong.

I first got off at the corner of Minsheng and Chengde and having wandered up and down Chengde I gave up.

Anyway heading north on Chengde I found Minquan Rd and the bike shop.

You can’t miss the place, full of nice bikes that i can only dream of buying. Loads of top boxes and a few bags. Also a good selection of clothes.

I liked the scooter with the spoiler and if i was 19 again I’d probably get one so my scooter looked different to the identikit models on the street.


I have a set of saddlebags you can have. PM me your address and I’ll send them to you this week, if you want them.

They are not new, but they are in pretty good condition. They will fit most scooters and most motorcycles.

Someone gave them to me quite a long time ago. They are sitting on the ground getting dusty taking space on B2 where I park my scooter. I have no use for them because I have the plastic saddle-boxes on my scooter.

If you don’t want them, they are up for grabs, anyone.

Thanks for the offer Bobepine but due to the high exhaust on the Hartford they’'d probably melt .