Motorcycle accident

I was in a motorcycle accident last month. It was the automobile driver’s fault–but I have since discovered that the “international” license I had wasn’t valid. I have since gotten a valid Taiwanese motorcycle license, but can I collect damages from the other driver’s insurance company for the medical & other expenses?

I asked several people about this and they all suggested that you should make a formal written inquiry with the other driver’s insurance company for complete details.

Sorry if this isn’t the reply you wanted.

Please accept my wishes for a speedy recovery.


Thanks for your reply. Actually, I found out through my company’s lawyer that I can still claim damages. HOWEVER, I should first go to the Taipei courthouse and basically “plead guilty” to driving without a license. I’ll pay the fine, but then I’ll still be able to collect damages.

BTW–if anyone else needs info on getting their license (it’s a lot easier than I thought) they can check out

Thanks again.