Motorcycle at taoyuan airport, allowed?


Can I drive a red plate to taoyuan airport ? Wife says no, but I can’t find anything about this online or google maps


Don’t they go anywhere a car goes?


I would think so, but wifey says airport got special rule


Q6 under “Airport Access Transportation” here suggests she’s right, but heavy motorcycles can go on the freeway, can’t they? Anyway there’s a shuttle bus option at worst and some phone numbers


Nope, unless they changed the rules recently.


Nope, motorcycles can’t go to the airport, or nope, she’s not right? or nope, they can’t go on the freeway?


They allowed motos on the freeway?


I assumed so, but if not, then all is clear.


No, not on the freeway. But you can accesss the airport without using the freeway.

But, the issue is that the airport itself might have some special rule that no motorcycle there.

Using a shuttle bus defeats the point though, I would have preferred to drive there the whole way.


Let me ask my friend that works at the airport


It seems pretty settled:

  1. Since the peripheral roads near the airport are connected to the airport extension of National Highway No.2, motorcycles are currently not permitted to enter the airport in order to prevent motorcyclists from accidentally getting on to the highway and due to considerations for the safety of all road users in light of the fact that Taoyuan Airport currently handles more than 60,000 motor vehicles (shuttle buses, tour buses, taxis and so forth) on a daily basis (according to the daily traffic volume statistics from the National Freeway Bureau).


There are some people offering a car parking service and they shuttle you to the airport. Could you use one of those?

Here’s what my friend had to say :slight_smile:

They will need to park at the Air Cargo Terminal and take the Airport Shuttle to either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2
Alternately, one can also ride his/her bicycle or motorcycle to a Airport MRT Station, park it there and take the MRT to the Airport.


Well actually you can, how do people get to work at the airport on a scooter?

You can’t access the freeway tho, so you would need to go through Taoyuan or via the any secondary road accessing the airport.


Well actually you can

Except the airport says motorcycles aren’t permitted to enter the airport. Which pretty much sounds like you can’t.


Starting from where? Probably the cargo terminal, but then from there you can take a shuttle/bus/taxi. It’s like 500m. Trucks can’t go either until the passenger terminal.


You can ride to the cargo terminal parking, so I guess that’s the limit.


It could be also that employees have exception, perhaps they use different road ?


Sorry, just saw this reply. “Nope” was in reply to being able to go on the freeway, to my knowledge that has never been allowed.


If you say airport passenger terminal it’s a no, if it’s until the freight terminal it’s yes. It’s weird because the road around the passenger terminal is not a freeway.


A couple of years ago I was in the area on my scooter and decided to take a closer look. I rode on the white road south of the airport in the above map. There was scooter parking along there. Looked like workers’ scooters. You could not access the airport direct as you’d expect.