Motorcycle impounded - no solution?

I have recently had my motorcycle impounded, the problem being I have no papers and the foriegner who owns the papers is unreachable.

If anyone can provide a solution that would aid me a great deal…

Maybe a case of ‘Huo Gai’ - I deserve it

Too bad so sad. It’s technicly your scooter because you paid for it but you don’t have ownership papers so…you’ll be hard pressed to ever get it back.


I have a solution…Buy another motorcycle. :unamused:

Yeah it’s just one of those risk things with a ‘foreigner bike’. You run the risk of what happened to you, but ont he positive side, you never have to pay any fines.

So they didn’t fine you? That’s good at least.

Impounded or towed?

If it was towed just go there with your passport or ARC and pay the fine and get your bike back. I’ve done that twice for my scooter that is owned and registered by someone else. If it was impounded by the police, well you’re just SOL as far as I know. Maybe you can ask them if you can pay the fines, unless you didn’t pay your license fees.