Motorcycle insurance

Can someone explain what is covered by the
required government policy.
I was told at work, “Oh, if you kill somebody
the government pays them some money.”
Nobody has any additional insurance for their
scooters, just on the family/dad’s car.
Tried explaining the concepts of liability and
comprehensive coverage but didn’t get through.
What type, range and cost of additional insurance
do you have, recommend or know about?

See this thread:

My admittedly sketchy understanding is that in order to register a bike or renew the registration, you must have at least one month’s worth of liability insurance on it. However, the policies are typically sold with a minimum of one year’s coverage. There are many small insurance outlets next to and across from the Taipei BMV which sell the stuff; 第一 Di4yi1, for example, has an ever-present tout at the crosswalk opposite the BMV. The minimum policies I’ve seen cost under NT$800 per year.

You can buy additional insurance for yourself, of course, with coverage on a per-accident basis and for hospitalization, just as you can buy supplementary health insurance on top of the National Health Insurance program’s coverage. I happen to personally know a couple of trustworthy insurance salespeople in Taipei, but they don’t speak English, so unless you’re fluent in Chinese, it would be pointless to put you in touch with them.

Well, I’m pretty sure that legally you have to have the basic compusory liability insurance at all times, not just when you sell the bike or renew the registration!

But as Ducked pointed out in the thread I linked to, the basic liability insurance doesn’t actually cover that much. I think the OP here is aware of this and that’s why he was asking for information about additional insurance.

As DB says, it’s certainly possible to buy additional medical insurance. But I’m not sure whether it’s possible to buy additional liability insurance for a scooter. You can for a car (though even with the maximum cover it’s apparently still not very “comprehensive”), but I’ve never heard of it for a scooter.

Apparently motorcycle insurance isn’t much of
a topic of interest.
My thanks to Joesax and Dragonbones for
taking the time to reply.

My boss has an insurance agent in the family
so I’ll post the information I got from her just
in case there’s ever a “search” for the topic.

The insurance required by the government,
that we all have, pays out for death or injury
that we cause and then comes after the money
from us.
So it isn’t actually insurance in the sense
we think of at all.
The maximum (real) insurance available to a foreigner is,
death NT$1,000,000
injury NT$2,000,000
liability NT$100,000
at a cost of NT$568 per year.

I said to the boss, “If I hit a big black Mercedes
I have to skip the country?”
Her answer was that most people don’t have extra
scooter insurance because the law usually determines
that the bigger vehicle is at fault.
And I assume that when two scooters collide fault is
determined by who can come up with the better sounding

While at it I also asked about policies for personl injury
accident (death disability), hospital and extra medical coverage,
if any one is interested.

Last summer I spent two nights in the hospital after a
push bike accident and the N.H.I. doesn’t pay for everything.
Which is why I’m interested in getting more insurance now
that I have a motorcycle.

You can’t rely on the “bigger vehicle automatically at fault” thing. It often used to happen that way. But apparently not so much now.

It does seem that things are gradually getting more efficient and just with regards to the establishment of liability in accidents. Mordeth has been very helpful in posting information on this. Have a look at his posts for more details. (It will be easier to find stuff once the site search function is re-established, which will probably be in a few days time.)

Hello Joesax;
This has turned into a conversation between
you and me.
Do you mind if I ask your personal take on
this issue?
" How are you fixed insurance-wise? "

Actually the bigger vehicle automatically at fault
was a small comfort when considering the plowing
into a big black Mercedes scenario.
The younger lads have a long life ahead to pay
off the debt, but it would put a real damper on
my foreseeable future! (tongue-in-cheek emoticon)

Mordeth has a wealth of posts, what specific keyword
do you suggest I use for the query in a few days?


Mordeth has a wealth of posts, what specific keyword
do you suggest I use for the query in a few days?[/quote]

I like coming into a thread and seeing my name without anyone swearing or cursing.

Hello! My name is mordeth. I have blue eyes and enjoy walking on the beach and just holding hands. :rainbow:

The laws have become pretty americanized over the last few years. And unless people have been in an accident during that time…they might not realize just how much it’s changed (like your boss).

In general if someone would be at fault in America…then they will also be at fault here. Regardless of type of vehicle. The police who respond to the accident themselves might not be aware of new laws…and if you are using your scooter VS Merc scenario…then their ignorance might work out in your benifit.

But if you are on the losing side of such a scenario and you disagree with the police at the scene…then tell them so. And it will go to court…and they will most likely make a fairly “western” ruling on the case.

The only law I’ve heard of that is completely retarded is…if you are going straight through an intersection with a green light…and someone from going the opposite direction also with a green light turns in front of you and you hit them in the side…then you will be at fault. Stupid rule? Yes. What does it mean? It means go through intersections following another vehicle as a blocker…and slow down.

Mordeth, can you find that thread of yours entitled something like “not automatically at fault”? If you can, could you post the link here? I browsed through the forum index pages but didn’t find it within the first few, anyway.

Hehe…it’s a sticky so it’s on the first page…called “Had an accident? Going to have one? Look here first.”

Hehe…it’s a sticky so it’s on the first page…called “Had an accident? Going to have one? Look here first.”[/quote] :doh:

It was probably me that made it a sticky anyway! I must be getting old.

For the convenience of the OP, here’s the link:

The only law I’ve heard of that is completely retarded is…if you are going straight through an intersection with a green light…and someone from going the opposite direction also with a green light turns in front of you and you hit them in the side…then you will be at fault.[/quote]This is not the case if there is a left-turn filter light and it’s off at the time of the accident. :wink:

Thanks again Joesax and Mordeth ( although that
dancing Chris Farley scares me, I’ve packed on 15 lbs
since coming here ).
Don’t know how I missed that sticky- very interesting-
but I am getting old.
Sorry to push you lads, but can you give me the details
of how you are cycle ‘insuranced’ please?

Nothing special for me…although I can recommend non-vehicular insurance which covers you for injuries and lost work. A friend of mine sells insurance and there are a few types that will pay you for any lost work due to any injury. The one she mentioned to me was 10,000 a year for 5 years, at the end of which…you get the 50,000 back! And for those five years you are insured for any physical harm and/or loss of work.

I’ve just got the normal minimum’s on my bikes though. Because bike insurance only pays for 3rd person bodily harm…and I don’t think I’ll be killing anyone with my scooter…other than myself.

… i just want theft insurance for my bike… that will cover the whole cost… i can’t imagine buying a NT600,000 bike and having it stolen in a week… that’s like an OMFGWTFAIGTDN situation with no theft insurance…

This is the 21st century. You can insure whatever you want. Just talk to an agent.

That’s news to me. Last I heard you could not insure a motorcycle against theft because they were being stolen by the 40’ container load.

The personal accident insurance is a good idea. I have a couple of million NT$ dollars worth.

Yes, I got the same word on theft insurance.
Not available to the “public”, only insurance
company employees.
Today I go cash in hand for all the extra health
insurance I can get!
A few weeks ago I was riding my push bike
merrily along and a big truck pulled out from a
parked position and knocked me down so hard
it cracked two welds on the frame.
I suppose I look like one of the fundamentalists
wearing a bicycle helmet, but that previous concussion
left me dazed and confused.
Been wearing a new bonnet since
Now when I feel a little silly in my hat I just look at
the new welds on the bike and I know mother is happier.

Oh, and the truck took off as I picked myself up
off the pavement.

Sorry to hear about the accident and glad you are OK.

Here’s the kind of insurance I have:
The basic compulsory liability insurance
Extra health insurance
A decent helmet
Vehicles in good mechanical condition
Defensive driving

joesax - “defensive driving”
I wish I had the chance.
I was reluctant to tell this story, sounds like a
self-fulfilling prophecy but the road rash
on my knuckles interferes with the grip on my drink.
A constant reminder.
Driving down the street in Fong yuan this morning,
in the motorcycle lane. A guy in a car about a bike
length ahead of me signals a right turn and then
does it! I lock up the brakes and try to go the corner
with him. Rather than t-bone him I drop the bike and
end up with my front tire under the rocker panel
just ahead of his rear tire.
I’ve inherited the temper of an Irish (canadian)
alchoholic from my father so I didn’t even look
at the guy when he came around to see.
I dragged my bike out, stood it up checked it
over and tried starting it.
By the time I had it going he drove down the
We weren’t going fast. I wound up with scratches
on my trendy ‘modular’ helmet and road rash on my
hand and arm. The bike was drivable, even with the
handlebars 15 degrees off from the front tire.
All up - with bent and broken bits to come from
the capital - I should get it back from the shop
next Thursday!
Because I’m not satisfied with the amount of coverage
with my insurer I’ve asked if I can go down the street
and get another policy with another insurance company.
He’s not sure how that works, but when I go in to see
him on Monday with scabby knuckles he may cancel my
present policy. Well, who knows?
I wonder if I have a Bull’s eye target on my back
in invisible Mandarin!
As an aside, on the way to my mechanic, had to slow
down for an accident the police were ‘investigating’.
With a short look I couldn’t guess the direction of
travel of either vehicle.