Motorcycle rules


anybody know where I can read up on the EXACT current rules regarding motorcycles in Taiwan, legal engine size (cc), drivers license etc. ??

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I asked that question about seven years ago myself. Then I discovered that you chances of passing any test in Taiwan is better if you haven’t looked at the EXACT rules.

Experience in Taiwan counts for everything. When I now take these sort of tests, I don’t think in terms of “safety” or “common sense”. I think in terms of “Taiwanese” … and suprisingly I pass every time.

To answer your question, you can go to the Legals forum where there is an EXTENSIVE conversation about your question.

Bass, you need to look at the traffic subsection of the legal forum, here;

There are no bloody rules.

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Jeremy, I’ve been here a number of years and actually hold the local licenses, I just want to find out about the alleged WTO-related changes regarding import/legality etc. of “big bikes” …
JoeSax, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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Check out the string “Larger motorcycles” below