Motorcycle service



Does this seem right ? The bellow is what I got from mechanic at Ducati in tp

oil, oil firlter, brake/clutch fluid, air filter, spark plug, coolant

the price is about 15000 NTD

Seems a bit pricey to me, or ?


I have no reference in Taiwan, it depends the year and model Ducati (like removing bodywork etc).
But, if you are a tiny bit handy, these can be perfectly done by yourself, saving more than half at least.
I have always maintained my Ducati’s myself, not too complicated for most of the work.


It is expensive.


What do you guys think seems fair? How much should I bargain for, or take the bike somewhere else


I guess it depends on how difficult to access the break liquid circuit and the clutch is. Also the grade of the break pads and how many of them. But next time ask for a quotation before having the bike serviced.

How many sparkplugs were installed? I’ve been ripped off paying like 10 times their price.


That’s 4x what I paid for my Saab services for what sound like pretty routine jobs to me


Dunno how many spark plugs.

They haven’t actually done any work on it yet, I just asked for quotation yesterday to do a full service on it.

The price doesn’t seem to be that off though, I checked with my friend in Bangkok and he just had his bike serviced there and that was around 12k


Well of you are happy with the price go for it.